While I was gone

As you may have noticed, I was without internet for a while.

I’m back now! I thought I let you know what I did while I was gone…

Ok here goes: I crochet a curtain, I carved pumpkins, I transplanted some of my herbs from the garden to a pot to have indoors over the winter, I cleaned the garden and got it ready for winter, I threaded squirrel food garlands, (no pictures of these two activities, sadly the garlands are eaten up already), I started a scarf, I unravelled two sweaters for raw material (one wool one cotton), I crochet a hand-towel for my kitchen, I dried onions for a topping (or to be eaten as chips YUM), I dried salami for a carnivore’s type chip, I am planning to dry more veggies for veggie chips, I drew on my and my families toes, I read a bunch of books, I planted Papaya seeds and they are finally growing, I harvested our corn, I played with my dog,

and I had what turns out to be a flu that felt like food poisoning… YUCK!

Ok now photos! (sory about the quality of some of them, but at least you can see what I was up to! :D)

My new curtain in the kitchen... should have made it a wee bit wider, but this was all the crochet thread in white I had left...Will make another one for sure! (my design)

DS and I carved this pumpkin together! Then we roasted the seeds.

And by night! DD and I did a pumkin too, but the pics are on her phone and I can't get them off right now.

My herbs. I already harvested them for the first time indoors that's why they look a bit meager here LOL

New scarf, alas, not for me 🙂

Brown reclaimed cotton! Yummy to work with!

Neutral with green reclaimed wool.

New hand-towel! My design. Love it! (made with the reclaimed cotton!)

This pattern stitch is self edging! Gotta love it!

Dried Onions! OMG! So good! But VERY oniony! 🙂 I am going to do it again without seasoning them and will make onion salt and powder...

My toe needed a face. So I drew one. Then the rest of my families toes wanted faces...

Papaya! WOOT WOOT! I wonder how big I can get these plants LOL

This years corn harvest! LOL I am letting them dry, so I can grow some next year and hope for better LOL

My doggie and his teddy. He actually put it there himself, so I HAD to make the picture.


7 thoughts on “While I was gone

  1. Wow, I am so happy to see all that kept you busy while we missed you so much!!! Love the toe!!! LOL!!!!
    Nice pumpkins and kitchen curtain and towel. You stayed busy for sure. Sorry you got the flu, hope you are better, now.
    Thanks for sharing and sooooooo glad you are back!!!!

  2. I just found you so I haven’t gotten to miss you yet! 😉 Anyway, really enjoying the blog so far.

    Er.. cute corn. Might want to try a different variety next year. I did it once and I got nice cobs, but only like 4 of them. Corn is a bit persnickety.

    Toe faces…Ok, this is a bit out on a limb, but you should start a trend. All your followers take toe face pictures and put them up. LOL.

    What sorts of things are you reclaiming to get the yarns? Do you do anything to the yarn to make it usable again?

    I dried onions, too, but I do them in pieces so I can just chuck them in stews and such. I do them till they are nice and crunchy. Very yummy.

    Dog… dogs are always cute. lol.

    • Hey there Jeanie! Nice to meet you! 🙂 Have been checking out your blog as well!

      The corn plants were “rescues” so I am not surprised they did not get a bunch of ears on them LOL
      The reclaimed yarn came from thrift store Sweaters. Wash them and then I just rip them back, but they have to have a certain kind of seam for it to work, otherwise you will end up with a bunch of little strips of yarn 🙂 After that you just have to wet the skeins to get the “crinkles” out, presto!

      There are tons of tutorials online, you just have to g**gle it 🙂 Really super simple and a great source of luxury fiber for a great price!

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