A little secret obsession of mine

I have always harboured a big love for bonsai trees. I just adore them! The tinyness.. the power of a huge tree in a little bowl! How could you not be amazed????

The one thing that was stopping me from owning a ton of them was: (other than the price-tag on the really nice ones) I belive with all my heart, to really appreciate the beauty and message of a bonsai, you HAVE to grow it yourself. For years I have thought about doing just that, but never got up the nerve.

I have read every little bit I could get a hold of about growing and caring for a bonsai. (or so I thought) I don’t know everything, but I know enough to get in trouble…

So imagine my surprise when I found out -today- that lemon trees make great bonsais! My two obsessions put together into one beautiful project!!!! I adore Lemon trees and had three when I lived in Germany. I have tried to grow my own from a seed I got in a lemon I ate (I do eat them as other people eat oranges. and yes I know it will take several years for them to bear fruit as I have read, but that was ok with me)

Anyway, I did get a little plant! WOOT WOOT! I am so in love with it already! It’s in it’s first year and already has one of those pretty, shiny, green lemon leaves! Aaaawwwwww my little guy:

My little Lemon plant! 🙂

Another view of it 🙂 LOVE

So how can I not try this? I ask you!

I have a little bonsai pot! I got it in a free pile! And on top of it all: It’s BLUE! Only my favourite colour!!!!

isn't it nice? I couldn't capture the blue very well. I will try and make a better picture next time!

Do you think the Universe is trying to tell me something? 🙂

I will try this! (I will also germinate more seeds, just in case LOL)

I keep you posted over the next few decades! ;D



2 thoughts on “A little secret obsession of mine

  1. I love Bonsais as well….always have since I was little! 🙂 How will you start one???

    I can see myself trimming it like the first time I cut my own bangs 30 years ago!!!! LOL!!!! There will be nothing left!!!!


    • ROFL!!! Too funny about the bangs! 🙂 Well, I started mine with growing the tree. You could find a tree in the garden (I have some evergreens pop up in the back yard I can also use) and you let them grow, then you start to look at the tree and figure out what would complement the way it is already growing (or you go in a certain form, like windswept or something like that) and use wire to train the little tree to do what you want. To grow in the direction you want it to go.. once the plant is used to it you can remove the wire again. but it will take a while for that. You trim the tree to look the way you want it to and you also have to trim the roots… This is it in a VERY basic nutshell LOL 🙂 You can work with the tree and enhance how it naturally wants to grow or make it into a work of art. You definitely have to read a lot and be VERY patient!

Happy to hear from you! :)

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