Scarf and sock set

I made this set for a lady that works where I volunteer. She commissioned a pair of socks and a soft scarf for a friend of hers. She said her friend deserved something special for Christmas. I was so happy to know that she thought of my hand-knitted items as special! She wanted a set and left me total freedom of design. (She picked the yarn from my stash, it’s baby alpaca. SOOOOO SOFT!!!)

I used an “oak stitch” on the scarf. It’s a slip stitch pattern and gives the soft baby alpaca a nice tactile effect! I love running my hands over the scarf!!!!

Here is what I came up with!

YAYY done! I love it a lot!

And then I needed a row counter. I had to make my own, since I can’t buy one right now… I looked on etsy. I admit I totally ripped this one off! Dear Pretty Knitty: I am SO SORRY! I will buy something from your store when I can afford it again! I promise! HERE is a link to Patty Knitty’s store, where I found the concept… If you want one and can afford it, please buy one there to make up for my blatant “borrowing”.

Mine is not nearly as pretty as the ones in the store. I made sort of the poor hobo cousin to those LOL I had to use what I had at home… well it works and that’s all that matters! It counts to 100 and it’s AWESOME!

Aweseome concept and it works so well. I will never use another row counter for my sock knitting EVER AGAIN!

So there you have it. Not much happening lately. Lots of reading going on….

I also have auditioned for the local Theatre Guild. Sadly I did not get the part, but it was interesting to audition. I have acted with a theatre group before for years, but never had to audition before, so this was good. I will definitely do it again! 🙂

Hope all is well with all of you!
I’m off to make Egg Nog! WOOT WOOT!


4 thoughts on “Scarf and sock set

  1. Ohhhh somebody blogged! Watch out! 🙂

    I like the look of that oak stitch – you’ll have to teach me that someday…not today but someday 🙂

    I just know the recipient will be uber happy with her special gift.

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