MITTENS!!! This time it’s PERSONAL!

I finished a pair of mittens for ME! YES! For me! And despite pleading looks and Pleeeeeeeease Mom! from my Daughter, I kept them! HA! 😀

I got the yarn from my Friend Elizabeth! She is awesome that way! It’s from here. She also sent me roving and chocolate! You HAVE to love enablers! LOL Smooch, Elizabeth!

I loved every minute of working with the yarn! So SOFT!

Now on to some pictures!

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Here is a picture of the wonderful teal wool roving I got!


I also made a little toy net for my Son’s stuffed animal collection! Finally! I planned on doing this for a while now and now finally sat down and actually did it! YAYY ME!

Now on to some socks for my DH (got past the heel of the first one last night another YAYY!) then a few more presents and I am DONE! 🙂 Yes, I plan on starting earlier then mid December on my gift knitting next year. Just as I swore last year, I would do for this year… we know now how well that turned out…..

What else is new? Oh! I made ornaments for our tree! 🙂 Yes. Salt dough ornaments! I have made a tutorial for them and will post that tomorrow! For now: back to knitting!

Wishing you all a great rest of this Sunday!



2 thoughts on “MITTENS!!! This time it’s PERSONAL!

  1. 🙂 good for you for hanging onto them! My daughter just came in wearing mine and said “you don’t need these anymore do you”. At least we know our daughters have good taste! 🙂

Happy to hear from you! :)

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