FO alert!

DS wanted a new hat and a scarf! I made the hat after a pattern from Knotbygranma! DS saw that hat in her shop and wanted it so badly, so I just had to make it. What can I say? I’m a Mom!

The pattern was awesome! Super easy to follow! I would recommend you look into her shop! She has a few patterns for sale and makes the cutest little crochet monsters!!!! Here is a link to the aviator hat pattern! In case you want your own…

So here now the hat and scarf on DS…Not the best photo.. the minute I get the ones off DD phone I will add them, so you can see good pics.. She makes amazing photos, even with just a phone cam!!! And DS is a cute model.. he looks much MUCH better in DD photos!!! He is such a ham and always poses! 🙂

Aawwww look at that happy smile!

One down, cast on for DH scarf now. A new pattern potentially! We will see how it turns out. DH is excited…. He might get another one after this one in the same stile as the one I made for Grandma’s boyfriend… we will see…

Ok off to knit now!

I leave you with my best wishes for the new year! Health, success, love and happiness!


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