St. Distaff’s day!!!!

Today is the 7th of January and officially the end of the twelve days of Christmas! 🙂

Historically on this day the woman would resume their work again. Men would also play little practical jokes on the woman and the ladies retaliated! It sounds like it could have been such fun!

Here is a bit of history on the day and the customs, if you like to read up on it 🙂 A nice blogpost about it here.

So why am I on and on about this? I haven’t been spinning since before Christmas and I miss it! Today I will start up again! I was working like a caffeinated squirrel with rabies yesterday to get everything done and have the rest of the weekend for myself! And don’t you know, I got it done! I finished a sock pattern this morning and have the rest of the weekend for FIBRE PLAY! YAYYYYY

Here is the roving I picked for this momentous occasion!

“Ewe need cake” from “at knits end yarns”. It is sooo luscious!!! She was sweet enough and donated another braid to my Handspun challenge 2012. I will do a review on both those braids when I have them spun up! (Follow her on twitter @atknitsend,  or on G+) She is so fun to chat with! Do check out her etsy store as well, she has some AWESOME yarn as well!!!

For now “Ewe need cake” is awaiting my eager fingers and the spinning wheel! (but first I will have a piece of cake for real, since I got some this morning! YAYY Two awesome things on one day!)

I leave you with a few impressions of the fibre in all it’s yummyness!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Aren’t you jealous?


6 thoughts on “St. Distaff’s day!!!!

  1. It is absolutely beautiful…..I love the colors….Bridgett, you work soooo hard for soooo many people all the time…I hope you really have a good weekend with your spinning….You deserve a break!!! Enjoy!!!!

    • Thank you, sweety! 🙂 It means so much coming from you, who works so hard all the time herself! I’m a lazy bum, compared to you! You edit and write and assist and do all kinds of other things AND have a household to run and a husband to keep happy! I’m in awe of your energy! 🙂

Happy to hear from you! :)

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