Ewe need cake review!

100% Finn Wool, dyed by At Knits End, colour-way: “Ewe need cake”

This strand of roving was donated to my “2012 only handspun challenge” by At Knits End.

I  opened the roving-braid and noticed that the colour graduated from green to blues in the middle of the strand. So I decided instead of the fractal spinning I had in mind I would just make one green ply and one blue one. I separated the two halves and went for it.

The roving needed quite a bit of fluffing, before it could be spun, but that was to be expected from hand dyed yarn. Actually I like that part a lot. You fluff up the fibres and really get to see all the nuances of the colours, that make hand dyed yarns so special! Once it was fluffed it sun like a dream!

The dye penetrated the roving everywhere ( no white spots.. I sometimes like those, but in general, if I buy a dyed roving I would like the middle of it be coloured as well). The colours are just awesome! The colours are muted but not “muddy”. The fibre came up nice and soft and fluffy, no felted spots from the dying process (believe me, I have seen it all), no globs of dye anywhere. Not much bleeding when I set the twist (a little bit is expected, but I had roving that lost most of it’s colour when I set the twist in the resulting yarn!!!)

All in all I can say this roving was a delight to work with.

I used a long draw, since I wanted warm and fuzzy yarn for either fingerless gloves or socks. Sadly my wheel is having issues and I got a few overspun bits in there. 😦 I will have to check my wheel before spinning anything more on it.

I did ply it right away though and it did take of the over-spun bits a little. I got ~132 yards out of it. Didn’t measure the wpi, sorry…My Husband saw it and liked it a lot. So now that it’s dry, I will make something for him out of it. No-show socks more then likely.

Brand:  At Knits End

Name/Colourway:  Ewe need cake

Weight:  4+ oz

Fiber content:  100% Finn sheep

Price:  Roving in her shop is between $14 and $20 depending on fiber content, which is a very reasonable price range!


Hand-painted/dyed? Hand dyed. Well dyed, nice distribution of colour and colours are not muddy (5)

Overall feel? Medium soft! Not as scratchy as churro, not as soft as merino. No felted spots from dying. I would say it is perfect for sock yarn! I could imagine a pretty hat out of it as well, or maybe mittens. I personally would not want it around my neck, but then I’m sensitive there. (4)

Ease of Spinning: once it is fluffed up it spins like a dream! (5)

How soft is it after knitting? Medium soft! Like it! (4)

Stitch definition? Holds stitch definition well (5)

How likely would I buy it? VERY LIKELY (5)


Overall rating: 28 out of 30 possible points!


1= dislike, disagree, bad, don’t ever mention it to me again!



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