I WANT YOU! Or: Are you up for an artful challenge?

I was thinking about a challenge within a challenge! (Remember my handspun challenge of 2012?)I had this photo in my stream via Sandy Ryan today. It belongs to http://www.facebook.com/pages/_la-ribellione-dei-pucciosi_-/164069376974249
But it inspired me! SO …

I was thinking: Let’s make something from our handspun yarn that the occupant of this little wagon might wear! 😀 Who is in? (I will post this challenge outside the group as well and I will allow for a wider medium then just hand-spun yarn. If you are a seamstress, sew something… or make something out of papier-mache! What ever inspires you! Just go for it and make it wearable!
Post in this thread if you’re in! 🙂
No prizes. This is more just for the fun of it and to get creativity going!

I will make this Challenge without a deadline, since there are no prizes involved. Just comment under this post if you want in. I will open a flick group later to allow for adding pictures of your works of art!

It would be awesome if you would join my hand-spun challenge group as well, if you are a spinner! Go check it out! The group is all about challenging yourself to go one step further in your hand-spinning then you did last year! We all can learn something new every day. It does not matter if you are wanting to start spinning, or are a seasoned master spinner. Come and challenge yourself to something new this year!

I guess I could have clarified it a bit more. I saw the picture of the wagon today and immediately my mind went racing with stories about the people living in that little contraption. What they might like to do, what they might like to talk about, what they might think is fun etc… and most of all what they might look like…. what they would wear… So I got images of hats and skirts and flowing fabrics and I thought maybe other people will have the same reaction and might like to participate in the fun and challenge themselves to create something big and fun and beautiful and just a wee bit over the top…
What ever you think a person would wear that lives in that house on wheels…. a big gypsy skirt? maybe just a bracelet? Anything and everything goes. Imagine a person that would live in that house and then make something for that person… It must not be a person.. maybe it’s a fairy, that lives in it? Or maybe a giant white rabbit… whatever your imagination lets you create! 🙂 The sky’s the limit! 🙂


3 thoughts on “I WANT YOU! Or: Are you up for an artful challenge?

  1. Oh my dear Lord. I LOVE this picture. I don’t know how to spin, but I sure want to join up for making something for it. Count me in! I need to think on it a little. Then post what we are making or what? Jeanie

    • YAYYY! 🙂 It’s going to be such fun! Really anything goes! Any kind of art, material or technique you want to use is just fine. I will open a flickr group for the pictures. That way even people without a blog can participate and share their creations. I will post the link tomorrow after I made the group.. still have to think on a name for the challenge! LOL
      Anway: I’m looking forward to have you all participate! YAYY! If you like you can post abou tit on your blog so more people get to know about it 🙂

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