Challenge your Creativity 2012

I have thought about it, and thought about it, and have decided I will make this an ongoing thing throughout the year. 🙂

Every Quarter I will put up a new challenge for all of you. You can participate or sit one out, whatever fits in your schedule! You can do only one for the whole year or work on all of them together. There are no deadlines and nothing to win. Just for the fun of it and for spreading your creative wings!

Any medium goes, fabric, yarn, wood, plaster what have you… Any type of artist can participate. The only thing I ask of participants is: BE NICE! No slurs, and nothing too explicit either. (I don’t like curtailing anybody’s creativity, but this is an open and PG-rated challenge.. keep that in mind. I do not put an age limit on participating!)

Please do let me know via comment here, email (ramblingdesigns [at] gmail [dot] com), or via FB if you want to participate! I will do a little link party at the end of every quarter, so make sure to leave me your blog link! I have also started a flickr group, so people without a blog can participate and share their works of art! (I would still love for peeps with a blog to upload their pictures there as well…)


For the first quarter, this is the challenge. Read all about it and then go for it!


I will put the next inspirational picture and challenge up in April! This does not mean you have to be done with this one in April!!! You can take all year for it… however long you need! Stay tuned!


One thought on “Challenge your Creativity 2012

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Happy to hear from you! :)

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