Watermark tutorial

So I have determined this year also to get a bit more proactive with the watermarking on my pictures. 🙂 Something I have always wanted to do, but was too lazy or just plain forgot about it….

I found my way around my paint program all by myself. Trial and error, lots of clicking on stuff and “edit” “undo”. It’s fun, but sometimes you don’t have that much time on your hands. So I thought a tutorial would be nice for those among us that just want to get it done (that’s me usually!) I have another one coming up later with a different way to make your watermark, but this should hold you over until then.

(I originally wrote this for Indie Mosaic and published it there on February 1st 2012)

Here is her tutorial….

If you don’t know what GIMP is, then you are MISSING OUT, baby!

GIMP is a free image editing/paint program! It’s open source and that ROCKS!

Here is a link if you want to download it for yourself! It does pretty much what Photoshop does. It’s just a smaller, more nimble program and IT”S FREE!

Ok, enough of that! Let’s get to what we came here for! You made this AMAZING photograph and want to put it up in your shop, or on your blog. You want to share it, but you don’t want anyone to just steal it and pass it off as his or hers. One way to prevent this is to watermark the image. This is really the easiest and fastest way.

There are two ways to do this! I am going to show you the super easy way right now and the bit more complicated way later. (Not more complicated, but a few more steps to it!)

First off, download and install GIMP, if you haven’t already. Launch the program.

Then open ANY image you have on your computer in GIMP. This is just for training purposes, so it really doesn’t matter if it’s not your best shot. The way you do this is as follows:

Right click on the open window, select “file” and left click on “open”. A new window should pop up with your home screen. (You will have to choose where you store your pictures. This might be your desktop, or your picture folder, or wherever you save your pictures in…) Select an image and either double click the file, or click “open” in the lower right hand corner of the window.

The image you selected should now open in GIMP.


You are now ready to edit this image however you like. Sharpen it, etc (you will find that under “FILTER” and then “ENHANCE”). Play around a bit and familiarize yourself with the program! It’s a lot of fun and it’s super easy to handle! Get the image looking just the way you want it!

Next make sure you have the foreground color on white! This is important. (You can change it later, after you have written the text, but it’s easier if you already have it set)

Now select the “Text Tool” from the tool bar (usually on the left side of your screen) I have my courser on it here:

Place the text box in your image. Anywhere you like, you can change the position later on. (I would sort of put it where I want it in the end… less hassle LOL)

A little box will pop up; this is where you actually write in. Ignore it for now. Go and set the font to what you would like. Now write the text you want in the box (For this way of watermarking, I would only use your business name, not a two line set up. I will show you that later!) I wrote Rambling Designs and used the Serif Bold font.

Once you have that done, size the font. Make it as big as you want to (Re-size the text box on the image, if it gets too small for the text you have written, or else the text will not appear!)

See how I have the text in bold across the image? You can put it anywhere you want it. Don’t worry if you can’t see your image like in my example! We will take care of that next!

Ok now go to where it says “files, edit” etc. (I have to right click on my image to get there, you may have it right there on top) Select “windows”, then “Dockable Dialogues” and then “Layers”. A little box will pop up. (The one my courser is on in the next image!)

Make sure your Text tool is still open!!! See the little text box is still there, just above the “layers” box! This is super important!

Now in the layers box, can you see where it says “Opacity”? It’s a little slide. Grab on with your mouse and slide it to the left. Watch the writing on your image disappear! :) Slide it as much or as little as you see fit. See how the writing is now only a “ghost” of what it was in the picture above?

You are nearly there! YAYYY!

Just click on “Layers” and select “merge down”. Presto! You are done! The little text box should have disappeared now and the dotted line around your written text should be one solid one instead! Now go save your file and you are done with a VERY simple, yet effective watermark! :) Make sure you select “save as” and give it a new name, or else it will replace the original!!!!

See? Done!


4 thoughts on “Watermark tutorial

    • You are so welcome! I learn as I go and always love to share! If you ever need something, ask away! I will see what I can do.. I’m still learning myself, but together we can figure it all out I am sure! 🙂

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