Sew and flip technique for crazy quilts!

I have written and published this tutorial years ago on the very first blog I ever had… it still exists, but it is private now and I haven’t written on it in years. Just the other day I was talking to my friend Louise and decided it would be nice to make this tutroial available again! So you can now find it here and on the Indie Mosaic blog as well! 🙂


Can be done by machine or by hand. Poor me has no machine, so I am doing it by hand…
Ok, are you ready ? ( click on the pictures, to see them big)
You need:
– Background fabric (I use Muslin) prewashed
– fabric scraps, anything you like…from just scraps from other project to old clothing, or maybe
a flour sack? or a nice ribbon you won? rick rack, ribbons, lace, embroidery
thread, fabric paint <— optional buttons, charms <— optional and I don’t like that when I make pillows or blankets, that will actually be used not just hung on the wall or decoration 🙂 – Sewing thread
– Iron + Ironing board
– Pins, sewing needle
– later on, you might want to have an embroidery hoop

First you go and get all your stuff ready. I like to iron the Muslin The fabric I used for demonstration purposes (always wanted to say this *giggle*) is not Muslin, it’s just some scrap I had in my box.
The hardest part is, to figure out what you want to use… You can start by cutting pieces out and “test” the placement, by just laying them on the basting fabric.
Once you have them in a pleasing way, mark them somehow or pin them with one pin to the background, so you remember where you want what fabric.
if you are like me, you skip this step and just go for it.
For the first piece, use a scrap with more then 4 corners!!

Like this:
Put it in the middle of your muslin where you want it to end up, then FLIP it, so that the right side is facing the Muslin. Just flip it over, it will NOT be centred any more! see here:
Baste it to the muslin with just a normal running stitch.
Then flip it back
and “finger press” the fabric on the seam
( some fabrics stay down with just “finger pressing” others will have to be ironed, so it is a good idea to have the iron at the ready and plugged in)
Now on to the second piece!
Pick one, place it
flip it,so it overlaps with one of the not yet sewn edges of the previous one,(that way both edges get sewn down to the backing fabric at once)
sew it, through all 3 layers, flip it back and press it!

Rinse, Repeat!

Once you have the entire background filled with the fabric scraps, then the fun begins!!
Sew on Rick rack or other ribbons, or lace wherever you think it fits. I like to do all the sewing first. Anything, that will be “attached” to the quilt, not “movable” like eg, bows would be (the little loops stick up) or buttons or such. Says it and has a post about embroidering in the middle of it all!!! That just should tell you: Don’t EVER listen to me!!!

Now you get to embroider. You pick a nice embroidery stitch and some embroidery thread, that fits with the fabric scrap it will go on (or something in a contrasting color) and go for it.

for this one I decided to use only one stitch throughout, like I had seen on an antique quilt and I thought that was very, very pretty for a change
The embroidery looks pretty, but it also helps to hold the scraps to the background.
Do as much or as little as you like. Use only stitches around the sides of your scraps, like in the above picture, or plant something fun smack dab in the middle.

Some traditional symbols you can embroider: a spider and a web,
Roses and other flowers, Initials….( this one is an old one I made, some threads got pulled by little claws…)really you can use anything, you like. If I use buttons and such, I sew them on aaaaaall the way at the end.

Here is a google search I did on crazy quilts.. they may not all be antique, but they sure are beautiful!

I am certain, there are better tutorials then mine out there, but this is the best I could do in about an hours time ( what ? You didn’t really think I would spend an entire afternoon on this!!!!)
You go make one! I want to see some Pictures!!! CHOP CHOP!


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