Follower appreciation day!

I feel a follower appreciation day coming on!I am so happy to see I have 90 subscribers here on the blog! Thank you all so much for being interested enough in my ramblings to subscribe and let me flood your email inbox! 🙂 You have no idea. It really makes my day! I also love all the comments you leave! I read every single one and try to respond to them as best I can. (mostly here on the blog, so if you asked me a question, check back for the answer) I do try and answer in emails, but it is not always timely possible. (also so me of you don’t have their emails linked, that makes it difficult)

So. In honour of all my wonderful Subscribers, I have invented the follower appreciation day. I hold it every so often, when the whim strikes me. This year I have decided to share YOU. One of your links posted on my blog, for everyone to see and follow and read… how does that sound?

Give me the links to your FB pages, or blogs, or any ONE other link you want to share and I will share them here and on my FB page as well as tweet the blog post! 🙂 (Please only ONE link per person)

I will post the write up next Wednesday (Feb. 29, LEAPDAY), so you all will have some time to decide what link you would like me to feature and I will have time to check them all, make sure they work and write it all up nicely! 🙂

And a pretty flower as a thank you! You all rock!



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