Crochet yoyo tutorial

Here is the yoyo tutorial I promised yesterday! I know Tuesdays are usually for charity around here, but the update will have to wait until next week! 🙂

I have used extra thick yarn so you can see it better. The yarn is from Nicole at Darn good yarn! Wonderful wool I used to make a cute infinity scarf for my daughter! (pattern on DGY)

To the instructions, Batman!

First make a loop with your yarn tail around your fingers. make sure the short end goes UNDER the long end, like so:


now take your crochet hook and stick it through the loop you made, holding on to the “joint” of the loop with your thumb and forefinger of your left hand (your right hand if you are crocheting left-handed)


Grab the yarn and draw up a loop through the “knot”


Make two more chain stitches


now go ahead and make 15 dc in the ring, making sure the threads won’t “un-corss” (Can you see how they are crossed in the previous picture? The tail has to stay going through the loop! )


join the ring of DC to the ch 2 of the beginning with a slip stitch and cut the thread, leaving a tail long enough to sew it to another yoyo:


Alternatively you could crochet the yoyo’s together as you go, but since I am making them as I go through the leftovers, I would have a bunch of one colour at one time and I want it nice and mixed up, so this is the way to go for me….

Now turn your yoyo over and pull on the tail end sticking out in the middle to cinch the hole closed:


Sew in that tail end and presto! DONE!


You can also sew in both ends and use it as you would the little round felt circles for penny rugs! 🙂 Or just as a little toss piece for a table decoration, Or string them up in spaces and make a curtain out of it, or sew them around fabric for a table cloth edging, make them from sewing thread and thread them on ribbon for a cute necklace!.. there are thousand and one uses for those cute little polka dots!

Go and find out what you could use them for!

I’m putting in a slideshow of the instruction photos.. let me know if that helps…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

ETA: I figured a few tutorials for making Double Crochet stitches would be nice as well, so here are a few links.


2 thoughts on “Crochet yoyo tutorial

  1. Wow, that is fun and fast!!!! Instant gratification for kids is a great thing…Granddaughters would love making these and seeing how fast they pile up. Only one problem. I have only, many years ago, crocheted granny squares, and honestly I cannot remember how to do a double crochet…Once, I am reminded I will be fine, and can show the girls….
    Thank you….they love having something they can carry with them wherever they go that is not too big so they don’t get bored in the car, or the waiting rooms, etc. This is perfect….:)

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