A bit of re-fashion and a shop update.

So today a very sweet lady I volunteer with gave me a bag of clothes from her daughter for mine.  They are always really cool clothes and need nothing done to them usually. This time there was this little pant thing.. it had a tank top right sewn on to it. The top is really cute, but my daughter would have never worn it with the pants attached, so we cut the crotch out and hemmed the edge.

Presto! New shirt and super cute! 🙂

I used one of my fancy seams for it!


Last night I played around with some of my yoyo-ideas from the tutorial..I made a tiiiiiny yoyo and hung it on a chain.

Then I got carried away and made tiiiiny flowers too. One on a chain and a few glued to ring blanks!

SO CUTE! My dd has already claimed this one! 🙂

These will go in my store soon. You will be able to get the tiny flowers for on a necklace ($5), or  a ring ($7), or I can make a few without any jump-rings or anything (10 for $10).  All free shipping! That way you can figure out what you want to do with it. Maybe hang them on some earrings with a few cute beads?


Anyway, they will go in the store next week along with a skinny ball chain for you to buy along side if you don’t have one at home! 🙂
Hope you like them and maybe even buy one! It would really make my day! THE RINGS ARE UP! 🙂


Happy to hear from you! :)

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