So I was off line for a few

What have I been busy doing?

Well for one I finished my “Challenge your creativity” project. 😀 <— big grin

Yep! Remember when I said who wants to join in? It was fun to come up with something and then follow through and see the finished thing come so amazingly close to what was in my head!

I just cast on and crochet away! Then slightly felted the whole thing and put on some “decorations”. I want a Top-hat like this now in my size to actually wear… I might just make one! Hmmmmmm… I need more black wool!

Here are some pictures for you guys!

Tiny Top-hat!

Tiny Top-hat with a feather and flowers and beads and a cute hat band!

I sewed little red beads to the top! 🙂

How do you like it?

Doesn’t it look like something the people living in the little trailer might wear?

I also started a new project (a little longer term, since I can’t work on it all day  long) It’s anew poster for our living room!

Not done yet! I want to "zentangle" the rest of the paper...

Working on it on and off when I have time! 🙂

AAAAnnnnnd I finally made up my mind about the lace shawl I am knitting! I found an old pattern of mine, that I never finished writing.. (I started it about 3 years ago.. only a slight delay hahahhaha) NOW is the time 🙂 It’s working out beautifully! (at least I think so)

Loving it so far!

Now you are all caught up! 🙂 Let me know what you think about my latest projects! And if you want to jump on the wagon for the “challenge your creativity” project, go right ahead! It’s ongoing all year long! I might get a different “inspiration picture” up in April, but you can use either one. No deadlines on this one!


10 thoughts on “So I was off line for a few

  1. OMG!!!! I love the top hat, and yes, would love to see a pic of one on you!!!!! I am sorry I couldn’t join the challenge. I had every intention of doing so, but then grandmiracles and hubby on a few days vaca took over. No deadline, so maybe I will get to something, soon. 🙂
    I adore the shawl!!!! Since it is knitted, I might just love to have to buy the pattern and make myself one to go to Hawaii in December! Oh, I can envision it in a beautiful periwinkle!!!
    Now, I am old, so have mercy on my ignorance, but what is zentangle? 🙂 No laughing!!!!
    Love your work!!!

    • aaawww ! I have to write fast then LOL It’s half way done. I had the main body written, just fixed a few mistakes that always sneak in and I’m thinking about what border I would like, but looking at it, it might be good without one. just simple and understated. Just right for easy going summer days, or Hawaii in December! 🙂 Will send you the pattern when I have it done! Mmmmwah!

  2. Shawl is beautiful as all your items. Still wearing my bracelette & rings. The hat I would love to buy the pattern also?? Owl pattern for sale??? Keep working sweet stuff your full of talent. Misses yaa lately, now I know why?

    • Hey sweety! I was super busy the past few days! So much to do with the weather now getting better…. the owl hat should be in my shop, if you can’t find it, just email me and I am happy to send it to you..

Happy to hear from you! :)

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