Review: Murder in a Mill Town

Murder in a Mill Town
Murder in a Mill Town by P.B. Ryan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the second instalment of the Nell Sweenie mystery series.
Yet again I have to say: I UTTERLY LOVED IT!

I have actually shelled out the $6 for this book from the gift card I got!!! This is a big deal, since I am on a strict budget and think about everything I buy at least three times LOL

It was so totally worth it, that I went ahead and bought the next book in the series as well! (and am reading it now.. I think you can say I am hooked!)

I just love Nell! She is trying so hard to be respectable and do things right. Every time when she goes “back” to how she was before, because it will help her get certain information, it makes her feel bad in such a good way *wink* She is VERY easy to sympathise with.

What sets this series apart from lots of other serial books is the fact that it does not constantly re-iterate what happened in the previous book. I mean, it does, but not in that horrible repetitive way. Not in almost the exact words you just finished reading in the last book. It does give you “back-flashes”, but they simultaneously help develop the character further, make you understand Nell a bit better, instead of just catching you up on what happened….it is hard to explain, but there you have it.

This mystery was really neat. I had no idea until the end who had actually done it! I was honestly surprised! I sort of knew right away, that the person you first suspect is not going to be the actual perpetrator, but the person that actually turned out had done it… Not even on my radar! (Although I did not think him as nice as he tried to appear… don’t know, but to me he did appear a wee bit slimy from the get go… )

I adore the picture Mrs. Ryan paints with her words! I am half way through the next book already and am really sorry that my giftcard ran out! 🙂 Now I have to wait to get the rest of the series! (HINT HINT< my family/friends! LOL My birthday is in OCTOBER! ROFL)

Sweet heroine, sexy love interest, hot, but not raunchy or dirty, the mysteries are actually entertaining and well “knotted up”…

In other words:
[b]I highly recommend the series![/b]
I really, REALLY liked it! 🙂 GO NOW AND READ!

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