Feature Friday! Noble Studios!

Hey guys! Friday again! Here is another artists I met through Louise!

My name is Violette Noble and I am an artist who loves to search far and wide for bits and baubles whose origins may not be fully known but are always antique, rare, eclectic or just plain odd. I use these fantastic finds in all my jewellery designs and each piece is created by me and is entirely unique.

I LOVE working with antique jewellery, vintage clock and watch parts, gears, wheels and cogs, metal fragments from vintage time pieces, small machinery or antique mechanical conveniences, old game pieces, antique lace and vintage wooden boxes, anything antique, odd, unusual or rare.

I have always loved working with my hands. Even as a child I saw “what could be” when I looked at something old, discarded, dusty, dirty or broken. It encourages me on so many levels to think of things that are “not quite perfect” being able to be redeemed in some way. Spiritually and in our earthly lives I need to remember that. When someone is not as “lovely” as we think they should be or seems broken, old or discarded I pray that I won’t give up on them. I can learn something from EVERYONE I meet.

When I was little I remember picking up rusty bottle caps or little broken titbits from the street. I was sooo excited to find “treasures” that others had thrown away that could serve as one of my little props for the imaginary worlds I created.

I turned wooden cigar boxes into cars for my dolls complete with wheels made from wooden checkers. I used the tops of toothpaste containers as lamp shades and vintage game pieces for the base. One of my favourite memories is knitting a pair of tiny pink slippers for one of my troll dolls using toothpicks as my knitting needles! I found one of my Mom’s patterns for knitted slippers and just followed the directions. Can you imagine the patience it took as a child to work each stitch? I don’t think I could do that now but I remember then being so excited about the finished product. I still have just one of those tiny 1″ slippers.

God’s lavish creation NEVER fails to inspire me! The way He can take a “strange” colour combination like orange, purple, blue and pink and create a breathtaking sunset is unrivalled. What could be more fun than those little gourds that look like someone painted the top part yellow and the bottom part green with a PERFECT line in the middle AND knowing it grew from the dirt? The blossoms on a fuchsia plant that look like diminutive ballerinas with their smooth round tops, layers of ruffly petals and little dangling feet sporting tiny velvet slippers. These and so many of God’s other creations are truly amazing and are a constant inspiration to me!
My biggest challenge is fear. I have been creating for so many years but when I sit down in my studio my first thought is “What if I can’t do it any more?” The thing that’s helped me conquer that to some degree is to tell myself I’m just experimenting. If I know I’m only experimenting then the fear of failure is lessened and I can always learn something from my “mistakes”. I experiment with materials, testing the limits of where I can go with them. I experiment with different styles finding what speaks to me and to others. I experiment with venues in which to sell my wares. No matter what the outcome I always learn something from each experience. Smile, talk to people, find out what they think, hand out LOTS of business cards and have FUN! You can be afraid…but do it anyway.

Almost without exception I want to give up on most of my designs about half way through. Of course not everything turns out the way I expect it to … that’s part of the fun. Try things that others have not tried. Search flea markets and estate sales and have the courage to buy what you love even if you don’t know what it is or what it’s for. I can think of multiple times when my husband has asked me — “Hey what is this?” with my reply being, “I don’t know … but isn’t it COOL?!?!?” I always find something wonderful to do with it. Of course there are lots of things still on my shelves waiting to be discovered but I have no doubt that their time will come and when it does it will be pure magic!

I used to sell in art galleries … locally and overseas and have done a lot of shows over the years, but now I am so happy to be selling primarily on Etsy.

I LOVE the community spirit and the wonderful people I’ve met! Plus Etsy gives me something that not many other jobs can. The divine freedom to work while eating ice cream in my pyjamas!

I would be honoured if you would visit my shop at:


OR my blog:


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If you are an artists, or know of an artist you think deserves to be featured, please do let me know with an email, or a comment here. (You can also send me a message on FB if you like, or that is easier for you)
My featured artists will go on to be featured on three more blogs this month. First on  Louise’s blog, then on  Karen’s blog, and then on the Indie Mosaic blog! So you get maximum exposure! Since we all do different things you will reach different readers on each of our blogs and you really get your name out there! It’s really great. And best of all: It’s free! If you enjoyed reading this and want to be featured yourself, or know of someone that you think should be featured, please let me know through an email, or a comment on this post, or send me a message on FB. I would also recommend that you check out the upcoming artists in the calendar in the Indie Mosaic board!

Happy to hear from you! :)

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