Feature Friday! DARN GOOD YARN!!!

YAYY! Friday! I have my Friend Nicole Snow over today! She is SUCH an awesome lady! But don’t take my word for it! Read for yourself!!!

Ok a little blurb about me and Darn Good Yarn:

In 2008, Nicole Snow created “Darn Good Yarn” by combining her two passions in life—art and helping others. The idea was simple: created high-quality, beautiful yarn without using child labor… all while helping the women of India and Nepal support their families.

Within a short period of time, Snow and Darn Good Yarn had a passionate following. “To our customers, it isn’t just about high quality fibers,” Snow explains. “It really is about helping people. That’s what separates Darn Good Yarn from the other companies.”

Her yarn is such fun! Just imagine all the projects you can make with it!

Here are 10 fun facts about me and Darn Good Yarn:
1- Darn Good Yarn saved 6,000 pounds of waste from going into landfills last year and turned it into fantastic yarn!
2- My favorite book is Atlas Shrugged
3- Darn Good Yarn just sponsored two daughters of one of the spinners who makes “Darn Good Yarn” to go to school this semester!
4- I’ve moved my house and my business 10 times in 5 years
5- I’m from NJ originally, now I’m in Maine!
6- I love wearing bright colored lipstick
7- My favorite movie(s) are Kill Bill 1&2
8- I’m a lazy knitter–Sure I can make the complicated but I like things simple that fit into my schedule
9- My favorte meal I like to cook is roasted duck with roasted brussel sprouts
10- I am in love with my business–I never feel like I’m working and it always warms my heart when I see the projects that people make with my yarn

YUM!!! Berkeley Recycled Silk Sari Ribbon Tibet Jewels

Did you know I saved 6,000 pounds of waste from landfills by turning it into yarn last year? All thanks to people like you!
Saving the World… One ball of yarn at a time!
Nicole Snow
Darn Good Yarn


I love Nicole! She is THE MOST FUN ever! Just get to know her and you will love her too!

OH! And she was super sweet enough to celebrate this Feature with a giveaway! WOHOOOOOO! You can win one skein of her yarn “At the Bahamas”.

There are a few steps to participate:


“Like” Darn good yarn FB page

“Like” Rambling designs FB page

Follow my blog (see the follow link in the side bar there?)

“Like” the DGY webiste!

Follow Nicole on twitter!

This way you can enter five times and have five chances to win!!! If you only leave on comment for all five, I can only count it once, so please make sure to leave an extra comment for each! 🙂 (if you are already a follower, just leave a comment telling us that! )

You have time to enter until next Thursday 8pm Pacific. The winner will be announced with next Friday’s Feature! 🙂 GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!

If you are an artists, or know of an artist you think deserves to be featured, please do let me know with an email, or a comment here. (You can also send me a message on FB if you like, or that is easier for you)
My featured artists will go on to be featured on three more blogs this month. First on  Louise’s blog, then on  Karen’s blog, and then on the Indie Mosaic blog! So you get maximum exposure! Since we all do different things you will reach different readers on each of our blogs and you really get your name out there! It’s really great. And best of all: It’s free! If you enjoyed reading this and want to be featured yourself, or know of someone that you think should be featured, please let me know through an email, or a comment on this post, or send me a message on FB. I would also recommend that you check out the upcoming artists in the calendar in the Indie Mosaic board!

26 thoughts on “Feature Friday! DARN GOOD YARN!!!

  1. That “yarn” looks gorgeous! I’m envisioning a nice spring/early fall shawl made with it. yummm!
    I’ll definitely be checking out those links for more info! Thanks RD for bringing us this fab story and glimpse at new yarn items and inspirations!

  2. First of all, I have to say that I already thought that I had “liked” and followed your pages, Yoda!!

    Second, I had NO IDEA that Darn Good Yarn was located here in Maine!! Yay for awesome yarn close to me!!

    Good luck everyone, and thanks for the chance to win!!! *crosses fingers*

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