Trying new things!

I have finally gotten around and made some crochet braid for the Romanian lace. I wanted to do this for years, but constantly something came up! I found a link to a video tutorial on Pintrest and pined it of course. I tried it out on Sunday finally! I ended up following the tutorial from a friend of mine from Germany. It’s written in German, but the pictures really say it all! Super easy and addicting! It loosk pretty too and since I was not going to have time to make a little tablecloth or something else with the braid, I decided to make bracelets! From Leftover Sari silk! LOVE the way they come out! The braid looks really really good in the silk! Dh and DD are wearing them now and I even managed to make one or two for the shop! YAYYY!:)

I like the texture the crochet makes!

I could not stop myself and made a few more! This one is one of my faves! I added a button instead of the tie to close the other ones have! This one just NEEDED the button!

LOVE the button!!!!!

I might just get around and make a few yards of this braid to eventually do some lace with it! Or maybe just so I can help someone else out to make lace this way! I think I just like crocheting the braid LOL

I also mad e new dishcloths on Sunday! (Very productive day) Tow in pink and one in blue and white! Also from a German pattern… maybe you could use the translator for it if you want to make some? I’m not sure how well it works on patterns though….

I love the way they look and after years of just plain square ones (I usually knitted them in the diagonal) I wanted something a bit different. These fit the bill. Super simple and mindless crochet and really cute result!

Love these! Why shouldn't I have something pretty to do the housework with?


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