Challenge your Creativity Part Deux!

So here we are! I have finished my first part of this a while ago as you all know. I have been thinking ever since then what we could do next.

The first part is not over as of yet. I have decided to make this an ongoing thing, so you can still go ahead and make something for part I. Or skip it and dive right in with part Deux, if you feel inclined!

So for part two I have finally settled on SHOE! Yep! Make one, make a dozen, whatever fits in your day, but make some! I don’t care if you alter them, make them from scratch, or draw one. The topic is SHOE. Yes you read right SHOE as in singular. (of course if you like them by the pair, go right ahead, but in order to qualify, it only need be ONE) Use what ever material suits you. Fabric, clay, paper… I don’t care. Just make it a shoe. You want it wearable art? Awesome! You want it abstract and out there? Perfect! Just make sure one can still tell it is a shoe!

In order to get things going, I have made a sort of template for you all! It’s not the best I have ever made, I give you that, but it has a certain folksy charm….  “un petit quelque chose”, if you so will….(hey, my French classes have been so long ago and it has never been my best language! So don’t judge me! LOL)

Here you go! What can I say? At least it has all the parts LOL

Click on the picture, then right click, save as and print in any size you like! 🙂 YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE THIS TEMPLATE!!! It’s just if you want to (and can figure out a way *to* use it hahahahha)

I also have googled shoe art for you. Just to get the creativity flowing!

I personally have no idea what I will do with this one! 🙂 I thought I had something in my head, but it’s not quite it. I will have to brood a bit longer over it…

When you are done, just post it to your blog and let me know so I can link to it! 🙂

All right.That’s it. There you have it! And don’t forget to upload what you make to our flickr group, if you don’t have a blog! 🙂 Or you can send me a picture and I will post it here for ya! 🙂

So go and have fun then!


4 thoughts on “Challenge your Creativity Part Deux!

  1. I have something for part one but I keep forgetting to post it! This is a cool idea. I’ve never done anything like this and I think I know exactly what I want it to be. (not telling though) (winks)

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