Review: Death on Beacon hill

Death on Beacon hill
Death on Beacon hill by P.B. Ryan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh what can I say? I adore Nell, Will and P.B. Ryan!

Another great book! Although I found a bunch of spelling mistakes in the nook addition of this one and even one little writing mistake!
At one point Dr. Foster gets up of the park bench where he sat next to Emily and Nell sits down in the space he vacated. Then not three sentences later he sits down and puts his arm around Emily. Well either he sat in Nell’s lap, or he sat down on the other side of Emily and it was not spelled out..Things like that irritate me. Not that I proof read everything…ok, so I proofread NOTHING I write… you got me there….never mind, I forgot the point I was trying to make LOL

The rest of the book was again as expected by now, well researched, well written, engaging and very entertaining!

I do love the new Character that was introduced. Mr. Thornton! Lovely chap! I can imagine hanging out with him would be absolutely hysterical!

The way Mrs. Ryan describes the forensic research that was common during this time is just wonderful!

The story between Nell and Will also advanced a bit further. I will not say how, since that would spoil it I think, for readers to come. I do like the way it is going! Can’t wait to start the next book in the series, but sadly that will have to wait until I can afford it!

I really REALLY recommend these books! If you like murder mysteries and period books, you will love this series! You will not be disappointed!

Trust me, I’m a Jedi! 🙂


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