Feature Friday! Trisha Sharp from “Trisha’s Little Craftings”

I have my Friend Trish over today! We go waaaay back to the days in Knitty.com’s chat! OMG.. Trish, do you remember those days? What fun we had? Well Trish has delved into a new adventure and I think you all should check it out! I love the bracelets she makes! SO pretty!!!!

Love love love the blue one in the back and the very first one! I NEED ONE OF THOSE!!!!!! 🙂

For as long as I can remember I always had a fascination with creating things, be it jewellery, clothing or something that doesn’t exactly resemble anything. I believe full heartedly that I got my crafting “gene” from my Grandmother, Nana and Mother, they nurtured the creative side I possessed and encouraged me to go for what I dream of. If I wanted to create purple horse with green stripes, by the gods, I would create a purple horse with green stripes. They taught me my imagination is my most unique and powerful tool and it’s something that has aided my love of crafts for years to come.

I opened my store “Trisha’s little Craftings” back in June 2011, thanks to Storenvy’s fee-free store fronts and though my business has been slow it has not deterred me from putting my dreams into a reality. I want to share my unique jewellery and crocheting style with the world, sharing of a culture and of a lifestyle. Both my main crafts (crochet and macramé) I picked up in my teen years, I was taught to crochet younger when I was visiting my Nana but I had no need to crochet when I was younger. Both were a way to deal with stress at the time, high school is never easy, and I found I enjoyed both. Crochet allowed me to make blankets, mitts, hats for the warmth I needed in the winter months and macramé allowed me to make unique pieces of jewellery that no one else in my classes had. Now with micro-macramé growing in popularity with friendship bracelets it gives me a chance to share a new generation of weaving with the world.

Check out my store’s Facebook Page! help me reach 50 likes and be entered into a draw for a custom Peruvian Wave bracelet.

You can talk to Trish on Twitter too! I would suggest you do, as a matter of fact! She is a very sweet person and totally worth knowing!

If you are an artists, or know of an artist you think deserves to be featured, please do let me know with an email, or a comment here. (You can also send me a message on FB if you like, or that is easier for you)
My featured artists will go on to be featured on three more blogs this month. First on  Louise’s blog, then on  Karen’s blog, and then on the Indie Mosaic blog! So you get maximum exposure! Since we all do different things you will reach different readers on each of our blogs and you really get your name out there! It’s really great. And best of all: It’s free! If you enjoyed reading this and want to be featured yourself, or know of someone that you think should be featured, please let me know through an email, or a comment on this post, or send me a message on FB. I would also recommend that you check out the upcoming artists in the calendar in the Indie Mosaic board!

5 thoughts on “Feature Friday! Trisha Sharp from “Trisha’s Little Craftings”

  1. Wow, this brings me back to when we used to macrame plant holders…..Love these bracelets…very beautiful work. My granddaughters would love them!!!! Off to check out the shop!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

Happy to hear from you! :)

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