Spring has sprung!

Spring is in the air here at Chateu Rambling Designs!

Little Primroses bloom and the Violets with their wonderful scent! Can’t wait until I get more blooms and try some of the wonderful recipes I find here and there for the Violets. (Primrose blooms are edible too, btw)


I have been busy. I have been knitting for Charity (update coming Tuesday after next, so no pictures of it now) . I have also been busy making a new bag. Since in June of this year Washington State bans all plastic grocery bags (YAYYYYY) we will need pretty re-usable bags. I have used them for years and have literally a ton of them (after the last sort through and toss out of the worn out ones I am left with 25 (I did a head count just for this post) of the store-bought ones and at least 6 hand made ones. BUT I want to replace the store-bought ones with hand made ones as well. They are just prettier. Why do I need so many, you ask? Because I have them tied together in groups of five.

Five bags are what we usually use when we go shopping. I have two groups of five on the back console of the car. When I go in the store I grab one of them. I fill them up with groceries and put the full bags in the trunk of my car, where the other bundles of five await. I take out a new bundle and place it on the console. When I get home, I unload the trunk and the bags and wash them right away. I am a bit OC about washing the bags, I know, but with all the “stuff” floating in the stores, and all the people touching our produce and what not.. I am rather careful… So when the bags are washed, they get tied back together and put in the trunk, awaiting their next turn in the shops! And I always have fresh and clean grocery bags!

The lining for this bag was made from an old pillow case I got from a friend 🙂

I love it! I might use it as a new knitting bag instead of for groceries.....

Vintage button holding the strap 🙂

What else is new around here? not much really…. OOOOHHHH! YES one thing! I am currently working on a tutorial for you!
To make one of these:

A box out of book pages! YAYYY! 🙂

This is what comes about at 1 am when I can't sleep and DH needs a new home for his meds (the little bag isn't enough any more for the growing bottles of pills he gets prescribed.. *sigh*)

Tutorial coming next week some time, so stay tuned! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Spring has sprung!

  1. Primrose can be long lasting/ take care correctly and is edible. 3 to 4 I think I’ll put aroun yard and Pot or 2. Violets I have 4 different kinds and look pretty on my yogurt & fruit etc.
    That Basket I will make 2 at least. Love it, cant be too hard, prepping takes a little —- Thank You for a super #1 posting

  2. Your flowers are beautiful! Isn’t it wonderful to see any color other than gray or white? 🙂

    I’m rather fascinated by the bag project. I can’t wait to see your tute for it. It’s hard for me to imagine anything sturdy being made from paper. My curiosity is definitely peaked. 🙂

  3. Bridgett!!!!! Again, your creative mind blows me away! I just love the crochet bag, soooo cute. Looking forward to your recipes for the violets and primrose..They are beautiful alone but more eye popping together.
    Box is interesting…..you have such a gifted mind! I love picking at it!!! 🙂
    I really wish every state would go the same way…no more plastic so we seamstresses and crafters could make tons of bags and sell them!!! LOL!!!!!
    Great post, as always.

  4. I LOVE that they’re banning plastic bags! You know, I’ve actually seen people crochet plastic bags into reusable bags, of all things. I tried my hand at knitting one, it didn’t go too well, but I bet you could really rock something like that!

    • Oh I bet a knitted one would look awesome! 🙂 They are not “really’ banning them as such. They will now charge for you using them… I guess it’s the first step before doing away with them all together. (can’t do that over night, one has to give people time to adjust) It’s a step in the right direction either way… How hard is it to bring your own bag really?

  5. Hi Bridgett: I use them for rugs. Just got one started, need bags. Wash well. Minnesota they want you to use plastic if no cloth bags. I haVE 6 CLOTH for shopping. sometimes you get 5% off if useing own bag. Cant make up their mind??

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