REVIEW: Leaping Sheep Dryer Balls!

Hey there! New Review going on here! Leaping Sheep Dryer Balls!

I know, everybody is talking about the carbon footprint, re-purposing is very trendy and if it has bio or organic in the name it will fly off the shelves. I am on a strict budget, so my eco-friendly recycling and re-purposing is not because it’s in. It’s a necessity.

Every now and again I run into a product that is worth saving up the money and getting new though! Like Dryer balls. I have read up a lot about them. I thought they were a great idea, but was not sure if they really worked, or are just a giant waste of fibre….

In Summer I put the thought out of my head, since I hang the laundry outside to dry, instead of using my dryer anyway. Then the cold months came and with it the dryer balls came back into my field of vision. I researched a bit more, I was intrigued. I wanted to make some, but didn’t want to use my precious spinning stash, if they didn’t work as I thought they should.

I was really hooked, but in a conundrum. And then I found Leaping Sheep. Well, I found Mary Egbert and she makes dryer balls!

She had a sale going on just at the right time! I had the money and she had the right price, so I went for it! I got 5 white dryer balls from her! (I also received another set of 4 for doing the review, just to let everybody know. But I planned on writing one anyway, since I really love them)

Here are the ones I bought!

The shipping was super fast! I love that! I love when things get here faster then I anticipate! 🙂 No waiting and stalking the postman! LOL (I’m sure our mail carrier appreciates that too rofl)

So we examined them at first arrival. They are a bit smaller then tennis-ball size, not much though.  They also don’t smell like sheep, as a friend of mine thought they would and then the laundry would smell like sheep too. They have a rather pleasant, natural scent.

My big worry was my husbands dark clothes. He loves to wear black and with the balls being white wool, I was worried that I would have lint all over and have to wash them again. But my fear was totally unnecessary! No lint! No fuzz! Just fluffy clothes!

Our dryer is old.. very old.. it has been fixed more then once. The first difference we noticed was that the laundry dried faster! Seriously! It was really nice! less drying time = less energy used = money saved! YAYYY! I was already sold, but wait! There is more!

We usually don’t use fabric softener (other then vinegar) and we don’t use dryer sheets either. So our laundry does get static-y. The second nice development is: We have way less static then we used to get! Another YAYYY! (there is still some, but by a long shot not as much as there was before)

And to top it off? The towels are super nice and fluffy and yummy and snuggle-up-inviting. I know, Towels do get softer in the dryer then when air dried, but the dryer balls definitely added fluffiness! It’s hard to describe really, but you will notice the difference when you see it!

What really sold my husband was his shirt. He has this shirt, every time he puts it in the dryer, the collar was wrinkled! Unless he stood next to the dryer and waited for it to be done and whipped the shirt out just before the buzzer went off, it came out wrinkled….With the dryer balls no such thing! I kid you not! It’s hard to amaze my husband. He is rather jaded if you like HAhahah… but these little balls of fluff did it…

The only thing I would actually change about Leaping sheep’s dryer balls is the way they come packaged! I would like for them not to be in plastic… or at least have it biodegradable plastic… but that is really it… I would give them 5 out of 5 stars, since they really do what they advertise!

This is how the little guys arrive at your house! 🙂

In short: what you have read about the dryer balls is true! They cut down on drying time, they make laundry fluffier and they reduce static and wrinkles (Do not cut it out all together, but reduce to a great degree!) If you have been hesitant to get some! Fear not! Go and buy them with confidence!

Mary now even has some really cool designer dryer balls! Make your laundry pretty! 🙂

A colour for every mood! 🙂

P.S. If you want some scent with your laundry try this: get two sets of dryer balls and keep one set in an airtight container with the herb of your choice (sew the herb in a little sachet, so it won’t get all over the dryer balls). Shake from time to time, so the balls will crush the herbs and release the scent. Switch out sets when needed. I would NOT recommend using essential oils on them as I have read people do! But that’s just me. can you imagine Basil scented laundry? Or Lavender? Or Lemon?


4 thoughts on “REVIEW: Leaping Sheep Dryer Balls!

  1. Oh, wow!!!! Thank you for the reminder!!!! I have been wanting to order some of these since she was featured and keep forgetting.
    Feel even more confident, now, with the review!
    Thank you!!!

  2. Hi Bridgette. Thank you so much for reviewing our product! We are looking into biodegradable packaging and we really appreciate your constructive feedback. Our new batches of balls are going to be bigger, about the size of a fast pitch baseball. Thank you again and ((huggs))

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