Hey folks! Check out what I have to share with you today! Only something totally awesome, of course! It’s Knitting for Victory! A brand brand new knitting book! It’s so brand new, it’s not even out yet and you still have a chance to get your sweet little names in it by backing in on kickstarter !!!! (Donating $25 gets your name in the Thank you section!!!!)

Be awesome! Go here and donate!

Here is a short description what it is about:

Knitting For Victory is a unique look at the extraordinary response to war seen between 1916 and 1945. It’s the story of The Production Corps, the knitters, and the soldiers all fighting for victory, in their own way. However, this book will be different. You see, this is not only a history essay but it’s a knitting pattern book. I have researched and updated 25 patterns distributed by the Red Cross and issued by the military for the knitters on the home front to make for our troops, for our allied forces, and for refugees across Europe. From beginner to advanced, all levels of knitters will find great accomplishment and joy in these patterns. I hope that you will be willing to back this project and be a part of modern knitting history.

And a video of the man himself:  WordPress won’t let me embed it, sorry guys! 😦
Guys, this is really going to be super awesome! So let’s help Rohn to make this happen!!! 🙂 I know we can do it!


Happy to hear from you! :)

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