Knitting? Sure!

There has been knitting going on here. Mostly charity related and the lace had to be ripped back (see pre-frogging in the picture below), but the hat-pile is steadily growing (pictures next week Tuesday)

I also have made a few more fingerless mittens. I had no idea they would go over so big! I think I will put a few in the shop as well!

Here are the mittens I made for a co-volunteer:

I made a hat matching the pink pair too. No photo as of yet though the light was too bad by the time I was done.

And I have been stitching on a table cloth! I had this idea and went for it. You will get to see pictures when it is all done. For now just partial shots of it.

I also finished a rather cute little candlewicking project! I wanted to try it for YEARS and then I found these two kits on Listia! I won them and went to work the other day! The kits were from a company called nmi Needle Magic INC. I am not sure if the company is still out there. The kit did not look brand new, but was in really really great shape! (still sealed in the bag!) I still have a round one with a butterfly design on it to go!

Oh how I love thee, little candlewicked pincushion! 🙂

And that was that for now!  Back to the needles for me!


ETA: Could make a decent photo of the hat after all!  So here it is!

as usual, no pattern just cast on and go! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Knitting? Sure!

  1. You little mouse in the house (never get out?) Dont ask. I cant wait to see the tablecloth, and hat. I may just get a pair later on of fingerless. Id like to put a thin vinyl sewed on to palm (yard work light work in fall) Possible?? LOL Take a break & read, Im checking out a couple of your Books you suggested.

    • Teheeee.. I do now and again stick my nose out the door! Hahahaha… I can totally put some vinyl on the palms. No problem at all. Let me know how you like the books! 🙂 SO glad I had a few you are interested in! 🙂

    • Aaawww sweety! Thank you so much!
      I don’t think I can sell it, since it is not my design… but we can do a trade it you feel up for it 🙂

      It’s suuuuper easy to do though! You should totally try it!

  2. I never cease to be amazed when I see the shawls that people do. I don’t think I would even attempt something like that. It is absolutely gorgeous and I love the color! Beautiful!

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