Finally! The book-page-box-tutorial!

I know! I’m about a week late with this, but I was INSANE.. no interrupting! … Insanely busy, is what I was going to say!

Ok on to the tutorial!

You will need:

10 Pages of a book, or maybe calendar pages if you rather have pictures then words. Maybe some cardboard, depending on how thick you want the sides of your box, glue, some yarn, a yarn needle, a ruler,  a crochet hook, and a hole punch!

First off decide which sides you want to have showing (if there are a few drawings in the book, or there is a specific passage you want to have displayed on your box, etc.) sort one “outside-of-box”  page with one “inside-of-box” page and glue them wrong sides together. (if you want it more stable, or your pages are really VERY flimsy, then glue a piece of cardboard in between that you first cut to the same size of the book pages). I just glued two pages together. It was enough for the use I had intended for the box.

Let everything dry well. I personally put the glued pages under something heavy like a phone book or so until they dried.

Once everything is dry, go ahead and measure where you want the holes. (In the first box I eyeballed this step.. but it looks neater if you measure and have them actually the same distance) Make sure the holes are at least 1/2 an inch from each edge, so that the paper won’t rip when you sew through it.

Once you have all your marks for the holes in place, go ahead and punch them out. (you could just go through the paper with the needle itself if you prefer, but if you have cardboard then a hole punch will come in handy!)

You really only need to measure one side... 🙂

When all the holes are punched, take two of the sides of the box and hold them “wrong sides” together (wrong sides are the ones you want on the inside of the box!!!!) now with your yarn needle threaded, start sewing those two sides together. DO NOT PULL TIGHT! For two reasons: you don’t want the paper to rip and you have to be able to pull the two pages into a 90 degree angle after you are done sewing. I sort of held them on an angle while sewing… makes things easier.

Go up the side in a whip stitch. When you reached the top, go back down in a whip stitch, but make sure the direction is opposite to the way you went up. so it will make little X’s going up and down the side.

Do not cut off the thread! I am all about minimal finishing!! We will sew the entire box with the same thread if we can, so there is almost no sewing in of ends at the end!

Now take the bottom of the box and attach it to the first side. for the bottom you will only go in one direction, until you reach the second edge of the sides of the box. Now grab the next side panel, attach it to the previous one the same way as the first time. go up in a whip stitch and then back down to create the X’s. now attach the second side of the bottom to this new side panel. You go around the entire box this way. The bottom will only have half the X’s.
When you are finished attaching all the sides to each other, you will still have one bottom panel to whip stitch around. Go ahead and do that, then turn and go all the way around the bottom of the box to complete the X’s there. Cut thread and “sew in end” on the inside of the box as best you can. You can also use a drop of glue if you like, Nobody will see it….

When you are done with the sewing in, attach some more yarn to the top of the box and crochet around it. You can use any edging stitch you like. I opted for a simple crab stitch, but really go with what strikes you fancy! 🙂 Or leave the top edging  round off all together.

Once you are al the way around, cut thread, sew in ends and presto! Box is done!

You can absolutely make a lid if you like.

The paper box tutorial! 🙂

If you leave off the bottom of the box, you can put it around a glass votive holder, or a hurricane sleeve and let the light shine trough it. How pretty would that be? (you would have to keep the sides of the box in a single layer then though instead of gluing two pages together)

NEVER LEAVE CANDLES BURNING UNATTENDED!!!! (or use one of those flameless candles!)


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