Strawberry wine? I can do one better!

So I got a new book. A Modern Herbal (sadly I could only afford the first part.. have to save up to get the second too, since it is AMAZING)

Anyway. I read in it on Sunday and since the dandelions are blooming around here like crazy, I read up on them. Whereupon I stumbled across a recipe for dandelion wine.

“Oh!” I thought. And: “Interesting!”

Checking the ingredients and don’t you know! I have everything you need right here in my kitchen! …..Well almost everything I ran out of ginger, but I got some yesterday)

With everything in place, I ran out today….well I didn’t really run, as my neck is hurting and I slept most of yesterday because of it and feel only a bit better as of now, but that is an entirely different story and shall be told an entirely different time…..

Long story short: DD and I went and harvested some dandelions in the empty field next door.

Back home we washed them thoroughly and “Pitted” them. (You don’t want the green stuff on the bottom of the bloom in there. At least not a ton of it) Then put them all in a bucket, together with the peel of one lemon and one orange and a bit of ginger.

Here it is after the hot water went over it:

It is not smelling delicious yet. Rather a bit bitter like the blossoms do… Hope this will go away with the sugar added in a few days….

Now I have to let it sit for two days. Stirring it occasionally and then I strain the pulp out.

After that, I will add the sugar and the yeast and wait patiently for two months to have it done. 🙂

I will keep you posted!

I am not giving detailed amounts of any of it, since I do not want teenagers brewing their own alcohol at home.. let them get their instructions some place else on the web…. If you do want to know the recipe, please email me. ONLY PEOPLE OVER 21 will get the recipe! So please include your birth-date in the email to me asking for the recipe… YES. I am aware that you can lie to me. This is the best I can do….I will not take responsibility for anybody under age that lied to me in order to get the recipe. Lets leave some of the responsibility of check on what their kids are doing to their parents!


8 thoughts on “Strawberry wine? I can do one better!

  1. Sorry you under the weather, take it slow sweet stuff. Easter was nice & quiet here. Good food , thank me? How was yours? Wine I have Dandelion wine receipe from years ago (MY MOMS ). wHO HAS STRAWBERRY nOW i THINK YOU & i SHOULD BE TESTERS??Take a rest & dont do so much running??

  2. Takes me back … My dad used to make wine years ago all fruit and vegetable types and some amazing colours. It was extremely potent as well

    • Oohhhh ! What fun! Maybe you could share some of his ingredients? I’m always looking for fun new stuff to try.. this is my first foray into wine making and I do want to try beer brewing as well. one step at a time LOL off I go to start fermentation on my batch!

Happy to hear from you! :)

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