Enzyme Cleaner

When I came home today I did three things (beside straightening the house)

  1. I strained the “must” of my wine and set it to ferment in the bottles,
  2. I freshly squeezed orange juice for my family and
  3. I used the peels to start an enzyme cleaner I read about here.

Now I only have to wait for three months until I can use it.

I also made some more orange vinegar cleaner! Since I had an overage of orange peels! Only two more weeks until I can use this (and share with my friend)


Sadly no picture of the wine, since it really doesn’t look that much different. Only the petals were strained out.

Then I have been working on these babies:

Little buttons made form apple wood branches! I strip the bark and sand them and then rub them with organic beeswax! Now I just have to drill the holes and find the perfect project for them to go on…

This is how they start out...

...and this is what they look like before I drill the holes to sew them on.

I love the way they come out and can't wait to use them!

The colours are really pretty and you can see the “tree rings” really nicely with the bees wax coating. Sadly the light was not ideal here today to take a picture that does them justice…

(Pssst.. there might be some in the shop one of these days! So keep an eye out for them!)

And there was just enough time left in the day to make some lip balm!!

My own recipe!!! Beeswax, Honey, Olive oil, a dab baby oil and lavender oil. All organic. 🙂

I call it: Honey lips! 🙂

My next mission? Finding lawn daisies to make a daisy salve!


5 thoughts on “Enzyme Cleaner

  1. You just continue to amaze me…..I think you are close to being dubbed the Talented Organic Diva!!! LOL!!!! I love all these things you share with us!!!! Thanks for keeping it all so interesting….

    • Awww.. I think I just have too much time on my hands LOL got to keep those hands busy. and with my skin not liking most commercial cleaners and I’m not liking to work with gloves, I have to find natural methods… I will let you know if this works as well as I hope it will…

Happy to hear from you! :)

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