Call me Doctor Frankenstein

My Friend has a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Sweetest dog you ever meet. She LOVES toys and playing and ripping them up…. So we were talking about it the other day and she asked me if I could make her some new ones that maybe hold a bit better up then the bought ones.. Oh yes I am sure I can try…

She went and got new fabric, squeakers (toys must squeak.. that makes them more fun) and stuffing, and I went and gathered some of the used toys up and took them home. Today I took a few out and started to tool around. I snipped and sewed. Reinforced all the existing seams and made new ones with a tight zig-zag stitch, so they are nice and sturdy.

Here is the carnage before I started:


and here is what came of it 🙂

Just a little rectangle with a chewing rope which I to re- coiled and trimmed the ends off 🙂

I made two toys brand new (no before pic of the first one. It really just had all the feet ripped out and the seams opened and no stuffing)

I turned it inside out, fixed the seams and made it into a “ball with a face”, rather then back into the sheep it was. I also added a “handle” for a nice tug of war with the doggie. 🙂 It holds like iron…Of course there is nothing I can do when the fabric goes lol.

Looks as good as new! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Call me Doctor Frankenstein

    • Thanks honey! It was fun to see something new come of the torn bits… And these dog toys are so expensive, especially the big ones…. but sewing on the machine with the stuffing in it is not easy. I have to get used to it before using the new fabric she got…

  1. This made me laugh…big time. 🙂 They came out so cute! I can’t have anything with stuffing or my puppy (well, she is about a year and a half now) goes all “wolf” and tears them to shreds and pulls out all the stuffing. lol.

Happy to hear from you! :)

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