Monday yoyo update!

Slow but steady.. that’s how it goes.

Here are a few new pictures of “the blob”.

Ever present happy squirrel likes it too! 

I ADORE THE TEXTURE!!!! Can't help it...

a bit bigger.. I still have half a Kerr jar of ready made yoyo's to add!

and for you to compare: here is what it looked like last time.

That was it for today! 🙂 More to come next week. I am working on a few things and my vest should, might be done too!


11 thoughts on “Monday yoyo update!

  1. Oh, so many possibilities, but working toward the unknown other than it will be something has to be so much fun!!!!! Tons of ideas would be running through my mind while working on such a project. Thanks for the update. Thinking we can wait for your ‘new arrival’ when you decide what it will be!!! 🙂

  2. Hi kiddo? Love yo-yo making and the BLOB is fun! How do you sew them together? A lady I saw putting squares tog. did her thru both loops?? Im a self taught gal? Cant wait to see finish, You are keeping it? Keep the BLOB xxxLOL

  3. It’s bigger? HA! Joking! Honestly, it looks great. I just saw the beehive quilt on ravelry that I assume was the inspiration for yours? I think I like yours a lot better. lol. That other one would make me crazed. Great job!

    • Thank you so much!
      No the beehive was not the inspiration for this one. I was inspired to the blob by 19th century penny rugs. 🙂
      I also have done freeform crochet before and this is sort of reminiscent of that as well…it’s a merger of freeform crochet and penny rugs you could say. 🙂

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