More mittens?

Why YES!

I am knitting the Fighting words mittens from Watsolak Designs for a friend.

This is a super nice pattern! Easy to understand, super easy to read ( just print the charts out a bit bigger then the size they come in automatically) and really FUN to knit! I knitted the first mitten last night. Start to finish.

I’m on to the second one now as you can see!


I’m using Noro Koigu KPM. Also a first for me and I can report: It’s very pleasant! I might have to look into getting some for me for socks… NEXT YEAR, this year it’s all about the handspun, remember?

If you were looking for a fun and funky mitten, I can recommend this pattern to you! The only sad thing is: you have to buy it through ravelry. No other way… I rather did not like that, since I rather buy my patterns everywhere else but there.This was the first time I broke down and bought anything off ravelry and it gave me problems! It would not let me download it. It told me that the file could not be read. I contacted the designer herself in an email and she was super nice about it and helped me out promptly! That was really sweet.

Anyway. Try it, make some fighting words mittens. They are fun to knit and to wear!

Ok off with me to finish the mitt! 🙂


6 thoughts on “More mittens?

  1. Beautiful design & color. Can you make the fingerless mittens with a design. Future list. Hat also. About August or so. My Mom deid 3 needle knitting/my desire to learn was ignored , I cant ever learn? Sorry for tears but it piss’s me off hahaha? Love yaa smarty needles. Your Mom deserves a BIG HUG for your talents. xxx

    • This is not my design. You would have to buy the pattern in order for me to knit them for you. I can teach you how to knit on double point needles if you like, we just need an afternoon and some time and a way to chat online. No problem. I have done that before. 🙂
      Hugs to you too! I understand that you miss people and they still can piss you off at the same time 🙂 hang in there, we will get you knitting, I promise!

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