Garter stitch background!

I made this background by accident! Please use at will! Just right-click then save as… Have fun!

Let me see what you used it for! I will share it here! (I’ll use it for a little while as my blog background 😀 no worries.. only for a little while until I can come up with something better…)



7 thoughts on “Garter stitch background!

  1. Thank you, for sharing this, Bridgett. I was trying to think of what to use it for, but now, at least, I will also use it for my phone’s wallpaper. This way, it will be there all the time reminding me to think of something awesome for it. I just love it!!!! 🙂


  2. I was trying to come up with ideas.. and I had a few…but honestly.. it makes my a little woozy. LOL. I think I may have to pass on this one. 😉 It looks great on your site though

Happy to hear from you! :)

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