It’s Friday again! 🙂 Here is our Featured Artist for this week! LLRoden Jewellery.

I’m a wife, mother and grandmother.  I have two grown sons and six grandchildren with another on the way.  I live in a small Midwest town in Illinois, north-east of St. Louis.

All my immediate family members have several afghans and my sons have taken their camouflage afghans with them to Iraq.  It’s tradition to make afghans for new babies and I’ve made quite a few.  My crochet projects have slowed down simply because I’ve flooded the family.  However, I do have a new grand baby on the way so of course a new afghan in the works. I also use sewing and crochet in my jewellery making.

I’m been doing handcrafts since I was a child.  My mother taught me to sew, knit, crochet and embroider as a way to keep me busy.  It worked!  I’m almost always busy.  Most of my sewing is for my family.  I frequently make shirts for my husband from funky material we find while browsing fabric stores.  He’s frequently asked where he got the shirt and when he tells them I made it they always want to know if I’ll make more.  I’ve thought about it but usually once I’ve made the shirt that’s all the material and I usually can’t find any more.  As any one that sews knows, material can be expensive and when you add in your time most people wouldn’t want to pay the cost.  With that in mind I stick to sewing for family.  I especially enjoy sewing for my grandchildren and Halloween costumes are a favourite.  My most recent really cool costume was Glenda for my Granddaughter.

My art work is a part time thing.  During the week I’m a secretary in a local accounting office.  This time of year is fairly crazy at work.  My stress release is in my basement with my tools and toys.  My husband frequently complains that I spend too much time in my cave and that it sounds like a black smith shop.  I make jewellery to sell and for gifts and of course for myself.  My jewellery is anything from bead work, metal work, glass work, lapidary and multimedia.  Lately I’ve been working with copper plumbing pipe to make hammered cuff bracelets.  What I make depends on my mood.  Sometimes a good bout of hammering is just the thing to release daily stress.

In my quieter moods I’ll do bead work.  Some of it is simple and some very detailed and time consuming.  I love the mix of colours and textures in the mix of beads, metal and stones.  I’m always trying for the “Oh Wow” thing and always trying something new.  I don’t particularly like following instructions for the jewellery making.  I see instructions as a starting point and will usually incorporate a twist in the pattern.  So many things inspire a new design.  Since I don’t like following instructions I also don’t like to do custom orders.  To me taking orders takes away the fun and brings on more stress.  I’m looking at this as something to do when I eventually retire from the public workforce.

Linda L. Roden


If you are an artists, or know of an artist you think deserves to be featured, please do let me know with an email, or a comment here. (You can also send me a message on FB if you like, or that is easier for you)
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2 thoughts on “Feature Friday! LL RODEN JEWELLERY

  1. Awesome work! Very creative. Lucky family gets custom made everything…..I hear the stress relief…for me it putting the pedal to the metal on my sewing machine….that is where I come down, relax and do my best thinking. Thanks for sharing……
    Bridgett, thanks for the feature!!!! Awesome!!!!

    • I love to see all these artists on my blog and get to know them better! Thank you for finding Her for us, Louise! 🙂 For me it’s either spinning or knitting/crochet. that’s where I relax… sewing not yet! lol I still have to pay too much attention! 😀 but I’m working on it!

Happy to hear from you! :)

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