A fibery kind of day!

I went to see my friend Marge today! It’s always such fun to see her. We usually paint at her studio, but not today. My husband helped her hook up her TV and things.

She gave me a few cookie tins and one of them was full of Kapok fibre! YAYYY! It’s a short staple plant fibre. It comes from the Kapok tree seeds or from the tree itself. (link to learn-y stuff)

It’s SO soft and SO warm!!!! It can’t be spun by itself, since the fibres don’t like to stick together.. maybe blended with something….It smells a bit like camphor! 🙂  We shall see, if it doesn’t want to spin, then I will fill something with it. It’s hypo-allergenic and biodegradable and knowing my friend it’s organic as well! 🙂

Look! Doesn't it already look so soft???

Check out how much of it I got! O.O

When I came home, there was a package waiting in front of my house. Squeeeeeeee! A package! 🙂 And it was FOR ME!

Alice  from California Custom Crafts told me she was going to send me some yarn for charity, but

first off I didn’t expect it to come so soon

and second off I didn’t expect it to be so wonderful! Sock yarn! (except the yellow of course! that is something else and will be another hat probably) So pretty colours! Lots of warm people this winter! I have to step up my game to work through all this! 🙂

Beautiful! I am thinking I will make tiny socks from these! 🙂 for babies that need it!

In the package was also a skein of yarn for me 🙂 YAYYY warm feet for me as well!

And the spindle I am trading with her for! (For my collection) I haven’t sent out my part of the trade, because we wanted to see how her new spinner would work out and then either trade for fibre or yarn…


and some pretty stitchmarkers! In a pretty little bag!

stitch markers and tiny little hand-shaped charms that say "hand made" 🙂


Oh what an exciting day! 🙂

I’m snoopy-dance happy! 🙂 just had to share with all of you! 

13 thoughts on “A fibery kind of day!

  1. Your a lucky Ducky and deserve it. You do all that you do running, knitting, volunteer, housewife, and 2 dozen more plus time for friends you may never meet in person. I give you 1 night of sleep and 2 days of no interruptions, Im your fairy godmother hahaha. Crazy one I am. LOL

  2. Kapok,wow, I haven’t seen kapok since I was in the antiques biz and found it inside chairs…. Wasn’t spinning then, though. When are you going to have at it? Hmmm… Fascinating!

  3. Wow, what an awesome day….I am happy for you, because you deserve these friends and treats that come your way. You are such a genuine and loving person and I am so happy to have you in my life. YES, you do have wonderful friends. 🙂
    Have fun with all your new goodies. Can’t wait to see the outcome of it all!!!!!

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