And so it begins!

Today I went for walk with my daughter and harvested some daisies along the way. When we got home I washed them, put them in a glass jar and covered them with olive oil. Now all I have to do is wait two weeks for the daisies to infuse the oil. Then I can make my Daisy salve. It’s good when you have a bruise, a sprain, or simply as a lip balm, so I have read.

Here is a description of the plant and it’s medicinal uses, if you like to read up on it.

Here is a picture of my daisy oil in the making :

Can't wait for it to be done in two weeks! That's beeswax on top there in case you were wondering 😀

I also have these:

I got a Kalanchoe plant when it was close to dying and could not save it after all. But these three little “branches” broke off of it and I put them in water, since I just can’t let go of any living thing without giving it another chance. And lo and behold: it rooted, both of them… 🙂

I soon will have to pot them 🙂


11 thoughts on “And so it begins!

    • It’s super easy. You use Lawn Daisies for it. You should have them growing in your own lawn. 🙂 There are none in ours. I am planning to plant some though for next year. Let me know how it turns out for you!

      • Daisy’s are allways in my yard. What type of daisy?? I have crazy daisy (Shredded edges very pretty and 2 other types. Our weather is cool get down to 35 ish. I aaways have had an interest just didnt bother??? Thank you for bringing it back. Bye Bye BUZZY BEE xxx Great blogs you are having

  1. I made dandelion salad once, from my own little dandelion sprouts one spring, and it was horrrrrrible. LOL. I haven’t done any other dandelion things since, so you’re brave. grins.
    I love that you were able to rescue a piece of kalachoe and nurse it back to life. I think they can be a little persnickety. I had one that no matter what I did I could never get to flower again. It finally died and I couldn’t fix it 😦 I hope you figure out the best way to keep the little one alive and healthy.

    • Awww sorry you didn’t like it.. did you use only the dandelions? That can be a bit much. I usually mix the leafs in like I would radicchio, since they are bitter just like radicchio leafs. Or I put them in pasta dough instead of spinach… My Dh likes them that way.
      The stuff in the oil are Daisies though, not dandelions. You can eat them, but these there will have a totally different purpose when done!
      I will keep you posted on the plant too! Crossing my fingers!

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