New spindle

I have some more news, but wanted to give it it’s own space, not put it in with the daisy salve…

I got a new spindle! From Xiane at Three Ravens! She is going to have a Feature coming up in a bit…. at first I thought I wait until then with telling you all, but I just can’t.

I love this little spindle so much! It spins like a dream! It’s a support/bead spindle and it looks amazing! She also sent me some YAK fibre with it, so I could try it out the minute I got it out of the packaging! And guess what? That is EXACTLY what I did…

I think I let the pictures speak for themselves! I got 62 yards of wonderfully, soft, luxurious laceweight Yak yarn out of the fiber she sent! THANKS XIANE!!!

If you ever wanted a bead spindle: Go get it a Xiane’s! I swear you won’t regret it. I am waiting for her to make more, so I can get another one.

I want one with a bronze bead on it…Yep, She got me single-handedly back into collecting them. I thought I was over it when I lost my collection, but I guess once hooked, you can’t get away…

Ok now. Here are pictures!

Here it is, next to my yard niddy noddy!

this is the wonderful yarn this spindle is capable of spinning! LOVE!!!!

It glitters in the sun!


and this little guy was out, so I snapped a picture of him 😀 (you see him in the first photo)

I did get it with some cotton in mind that I got in an auction on Listia. so off with me, back to spinning! 🙂

7 thoughts on “New spindle

  1. Very cool, never seen one like that. Shiny is a plus! 🙂

    I just happen to notice a lady bug on my shoulder today. I had heard its a sign of good luck. Hope so cuz I sure could use some right now. 🙂

  2. Wow, how exciting. Maybe a new collection is exactly what you need!!!! You deserve everything good. You are an awesome, giving person. Thanks for sharing….:)
    That spindle is wayyyyy too pretty to put away!!!!! Show it off!!!! ♥


    • YAYY 🙂 You rock too and I am glad you’re my friend Louise! 🙂 I have the spindle hung up by my shelf, since they would warp otherwise (Just in a vase or so) I will have to figure out a cool way to display them….

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