Racking it.

Update on the dandelion wine!

It has been sitting and fermenting for a while now. I shook it every day a few times in the beginning and then less frequently until day before yesterday. It started to clear beautifully, so I figured it was time to rack it for the first time (yes, I am immersing myself in the linog to the fullest) Racking means you take the brew out of one bottle and into another, but leaving the “sludge” that accumulates on the bottom when the wine clears out as much as possible.

So I took two freshly sterilised bottles and went to work. Coffee filter and funnel rigged up and off I went.

The first bottle didn’t work at all. I just did it too fast. With my second one I was more careful and poured it slower (I don’t have a siphon thingy yet, but am looking into getting one soon, that will make it waaaay easier). The second bottle came out way clearer then the first. I will let the first one stand until tomorrow and do it again, now that I know how it’s done.

Now to leave it again for a while. I think I will do this again in maybe a month? Depending on what it will look like.

Not quite as milky as it was before the filtering!

I have to admit: I am approaching this as a very intuitive process. I know! There are measurements and a whole science behind this, but for me it’s fun and I am experimenting, as I think the first people that stumbled on wine-making did.

I also put on a second batch. My Must (the primary liquid with everything still in it, petals, fruit and all) was ready today. I made this one a bit different. I still used the dandelion, of course, the ginger also and the lemon peel, but I added a bit of apple juice and more sugar after straining, then in the first. I tried it and it’s really sweet!

I tried the first batch too! It’s really alcohol-y tasting at the moment. It tickles your tongue. There was a flavour there too.. nothing like I had ever tasted before really. slightly fruity, a bit earthy. You can tell it’s going to get there. It still has several months to go before it will be all ready and good to drink (up to a year really). I can see how sitting will make this one really come out!

The second one was way more sweet. You can taste a bit of the bitterness in this one as well from the dandelions. Not in a bad way, just a bit….the apple juice makes a difference for sure. I think I will definitely keep that by for the next time!

The daisy oil is coming along nicely as well. I put on another batch yesterday! 🙂 The first one smells amazing. Sort of green and wonderful.

DAISIIIIIES! Can't wait to make the salve and lip balm from it! 🙂

Oh and in other news: I will have a new category on the blog. Right now only every other week, unless I hear feedback that you want more. I will put up Weedy Wednesdays (thanks Elizabeth :D). These will be posts about plants and their uses, medicinal or otherwise. Small recipes, and just tips in general…. let me know what you think! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Racking it.

  1. I think it’s great. ALL of it!! And, be sure to give me a long head’s up –
    cuz ahm gunna wanna git on up they-ya ta Bellingham ta has me a taste o’ that thare whine!

  2. I love the idea of “weedy wednesdays”! I love hearing about things like that. I admit I get nervous about trying them, but its fun to learn about them. You’re a brave soul. 😉 This fall I want to try making some homemade apple jack. It should be interesting. lol.

    • YAYYY! My friend Elizabeth is going to make apple cider this year and my daughter and I Have talked about making apple cider vinegar this year! It’s the year of the apple apparently 🙂
      Keep us up to speed when you start! I so want to read about it!

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