Gunnister man pouch

I am planning on making one of these little pouches out of the handspun yak yarn!

Isn’t it just adorable? I made one before out of handspun yarn and I loved it so much. I had the Spin Off magazine, where the pattern written by Debora Pulliam was in, but lost it years ago (it was in the 2006 publication, but don’t ask me which one, Spring, Summer or Fall.. I don’t remember).

Well I won’t buy the back issue just for this again. So I will have to reverse engineer it from the picture. Should not be too hard really. It’s rather straight forward. I don’t read Spin Off any more. They changed editors and it really went down south. The articles became rather boring and to be honest: I don’t want to pay $8 for mostly advertising. Even some of the articles sounded more like paid infomercials, then anything interesting… *sigh* oh well… Sad, but there you have it. The only mag I buy now and again is Piece Works. I love that one! And the Australian embroidery magazine, called “Inspirations”. It’s super expensive, so I get it once in a blue moon, but it is so freakin’ worth every penny when I do! (actually I have never paid that much for it in the store.. it’s more like $15 there I think, or it was last time I bought it hahahaha I have only bought two in 13 years!!! But they were my treasures until I lost them in a move along with my spindle collection.. aaaah things happen, right?)


Anyway. Right now I am spinning some baby camel to go along with it and I am looking through my stash to find a third yarn to complete the set and knit the pouch. Can’t wait to get going. 🙂

What are you guys working on right now?



2 thoughts on “Gunnister man pouch

  1. I tried Spin-Off several times, but found it droll and boring. Not being a knitter, it really wasn’t directed toward me. And I agree about the ads.
    I’ve just finished up a blog post. I need to work on the cat hair I started putting into rolags. Very short staple, so it’s the spindle for this project.
    Also working on some small items for the farmer’s market. Lots of tourists like to take a little bit of the PNW home with them, you know?

    • Yep! I am a knitter and I felt the same way about the publication….Can’t wait to see what you will do with the cat hair! I spun some once…. it was long for cat hair. (still rather a short staple, but you know what I mean, right?)
      Good luck with the farmers market! I am working on a few things for it myself! 🙂

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