Tuesdays are for Charity!


This is how much I have done by now! (Got one more done today, that is not pictured)

It’s 18 hats (well 19 really) and the blanket (I still need some fleece to line it, but I will wait until I get a good deal for that, or get some donated)

It's getting there! 🙂

My thanks again to everyone that donated! 🙂

Alice Scholze, from California Custom Crafts

Louise, from Slave to my needles

and a lady here locally from my town!

You guys totally ROCK!

Check out how much yarn is in my charity pile now:

Some of the yarn in there is still from me, but most of it came from my lovely friends! 🙂

Happy-squirrel is super happy about this!


18 thoughts on “Tuesdays are for Charity!

  1. Forgot about this blog. So sorry. More I do I find so much I need to have better notes xxx. Donate something we make or xtra yarn ??? I could do that?

    • No worries, Susan! Why don’t you just knit a few hats and donate them to your homeless shelter, or hospice, or hospital for cancer patients? I bet it’s cold there in Minnesota and they would be happy for it!

  2. You are doing wonderful things for people who need and will appreciate….how can we not donate to such a wonderful cause when you are doing all the work. Great job!!!!
    How big is the blanket and what color fleece. I have fleece here,,,just not sure how much you need or what color you prefer. Can ship today if you answer soon and I have what you need. Let me know.

    • oh.. I’m sorry…. wanna join in my “Tuesdays are for charity” sessions? It would be such fun! We could knit together on Tuesdays. Maybe make it an online chat/knitting session….

      • that would be fun! Only problem I would have is when the sweetie is off. His schedule is very odd and when he’s off thats when we have to run errands. But I could do it the rest of the time!

      • We can totally do this! I know, some days I won’t get around until late in the evening to knitting on my charity hats either, so we can just set it up for Tuesdays and when one of us has something to do, we just drop that one week.. we can still knit (like I do it on the bus, or in the waiting room etc) but not online… we should get quite a few things done this way 🙂 It’s a deal, now to find a venue… hmmmmm google chat, or FB chat, or maybe even TWITTER! 🙂 We could ask other people to join in….. it would be such fun! let me know what you can do (FB, twitter or what have you) and I will see how to set it up….

      • I don’t have Twitter and soooo don’t want Twitter. lol. I’ll do it anyplace but there. I think google and msn have live chat ability. I don’t know about FB. We could also look into something like Mumble or a voice chat prog. Also, I’ll need a good pattern for something like this. This is my first charity knit project. 🙂

      • We will find a place.. we don’t have to use twitter if you don’t want to. (I don’t like restricting my self to 140 characters anyway 😀 I’m a chatty gal! hahahha ) You can help me look into something if you feel like it.. I don’t have a mice, so a voice chat might not be the best thing for me… skype has a written one, but I don’t know how many people can participate at one time. It HAS to be compatible with linux though, since that is what I am running on my laptop. As for patterns: I would totally donate some of mine for the people attending, so no worries, I have plenty to keep us busy! 🙂 Ask around if any of your knitting friends would like to join in! 🙂 This is sounding more and more like a plan….

      • eep I dont know anything about linux. I was thinking of a voice chat. Comps all come with built in mics and all you would need is to assign one key as your push to talk. Hmm.. ok let me look into this. I have no idea what skype is. hehe. hey i just got a smart phone..let’s not get too technical. LOL

Happy to hear from you! :)

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