Review: The Fox

The Fox
The Fox by Arlene Radasky
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What have we here? This book has two stories intertwined. The first one is Jahna’s story. A Celtic Pict woman, living in 80AD. It describes her life, her love and her death.
The second story is that of Aine, a 20th century Archaeologist, digging in Scotland and getting over a divorce and death in her family.

The two stories intertwine because of Jahna’s awake dreams, where she travels in her mind and shows Aine impressions of her life/ I will not go any deeper into the hows and whys of this. Read the book!

The research is SUPERB! The writing is captivating. The characters are well developed. I could hardly put the book down at times.
The flow between the ancient time period and the modern time is very well done. Sometimes these things can get a bit disjointed, but Mrs. Radasky is pulling it off so nicely. It all makes such sense.

The story captures your heart and you feel for the characters plight. You feel their happiness, their pain, the fear. It takes you on an adventure, like a good book should.
I had to take a break on a few occasions, since the story was so emotional, it made me cry. I skipped the “taking part” all together. I could not bring myself to read it.

I did find the modern day heroin, Aine a bit on the whiny side. It was a bit off putting, but nothing to really detract from the overall magic of the book.

Although the historical details are wonderfully researched in this book, it is still fiction! I have gotten sick and tired of people citing “The Tudors” on HBO, or “The other Boleyn girl” as historical facts!!!!

I would definitely recommend this book to people that like reading historical fiction. If you just want to read a romance, this might not be the right book for you, since the historical details might be a bit much for you and you might loose interest. Like I said, it really goes into things. Mrs. Radasky describes not only the ancient landscape beautifully, but the daily life, chores, practices and rituals of the ancient people. If you are not into that sort of thing, it will be boring.

If you are like me, then you will LOVE this book!
As of today, 4/19/12, the book is still available for free on Barns and Noble’s website as an e-book!

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