Hey guys! It’s Friday yet again! YAYYYY!

Today I want to introduce you to a very sweet lady from Chicago! Vanessa Uttaro and her etsy shop The big city Bumpkin!
She makes the cutest map necklaces ever!!! (I have one! Yes! I really do, with the part of the map of Chicago, that has Wrigley Field on it! GO CUBS!)

But here is Vanessa in her own words:

Anyone who creates or crafts knows what it means to get the itch — you’ve been idle or stagnant for too long, and you don’t just WANT to create something, you NEED to create something, anything!  As a seasonal employee at Wrigley Field, I have long off-season to do exactly that, but I had reached a point in my creative journey that felt like a dead-end.  I didn’t know what to make, any more, I just knew that I had to do something.

One laundry night, as I was sifting through our apartment buildings “giveaway table” (where tenants leave things they can’t use any more for other tenants to take), I found this neat laminated map of Chicago.  It got me thinking about all of the different neighbourhoods in the city, and how people love to represent where they’re from, and I had a “Wouldn’t it be neat…?” moment.  I thought it would be so cool to wear your neighbourhood on a necklace, but this was an all new arena for me — I had never really made jewelry before!  I went to a craft store the next morning to see what I could find, and picked up a few bezels and some epoxy resin, and got to work.  The first few pendants were rough  — cool, but rough — and that particular craft store was going to make me go bankrupt if I kept buying my supplies there, so I ran to Etsy.com.  I found a fellow crafter who sold supplies, and took the leap of faith and ordered 25 pendant frames.  Believe me, it was a leap, because I had about $30 to my name at the time!

I couldn’t believe how quickly these pendants took off!  People all over the city, and even in other cities, loved them, and started requesting custom pieces.  After one big order of custom key-chains for a customer in Southern Illinois, I was able to start investing my profits back into the “business”, and building up a stock of different maps and styles of pendants.

I’ve only been at it for about two months, but the feedback has been fantastic!  I started a Facebook fan page (facebook.com/thebigcitybumpkin), where I met the lovely host of this blog.  🙂  I’m planning on doing a big craft show in Chicago this Autumn.  My boyfriend even got in on the fun, and we’ve started making Official Game Used Major League Baseball pendants, with balls hit out of Wrigley Field that he catches on the street!  You can find my pendants at thebigcitybumpkin.etsy.com, and in auctions on tophatter.com.  Oh, and I’m on Twitter @vuttaro, and I blog at thebigcitybumpkin.blogspot.com  Phew!

I’m back at work now, so most of my time making the pendants is on the weekends, but it’s so great to see the feedback I’m getting, and I can’t wait to see how this project will grow over the next year!

4 thoughts on “Feature Friday! VANESSA UTTARO from THE BIG CITY BUMPKIN!

  1. This is Awesome!!!! It is also proof that we should never shrug off an idea…we should analyze it, discuss it with friends and family and if only one person’s eyes pop, it is worth making a few to see how it goes. Good for you and for your leap of faith (I know how hard that was to do). The Power of Positive Thinking!!!!! Continued success!!!!

  2. Vanessa is super creative, and full of positive energy, Plus, her work is ah-may-ziiiiiiiiiiiiiing. This is a great feature!

  3. Thanks so much! The best part is being able to create something that makes me, and the people who receive them, happy. The maps bring up memories of places we love!

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