Cute and Quick fix

I love my reusable shopping bags! My handmade ones specially, since I know they are good quality fabric and well sewn. I know they can get washed and dried and will come out just fine. I wash the bags after every use, so they have to withstand quite a bit. I also got one really nice canvas bag from the place I volunteer at. I washed it once and the seam came undone.

Now, I must have gotten a “Monday Piece” since others had the bags for years and nothing happened to them. Alas, mine broke and I was thoroughly vexed by it, since I LOVED that bag! It was canvas and sturdy and the handles were just the right length and it was big and I use it every Monday when I go volunteering to schlep all my stuff in…

So I had to fix it. Well sewing it with the machine was no problem. I had to “darn” it, since the weave came unravelled a bit.

aawwww my bag!

So what I usually do is: select a big zig zag stitch and strong thread and whoosh, it was done. Sturdy and won’t come undone EVAH! But really it does not look so pretty now, does it?

Humming and hawing and there was the idea! Take a bit of felt, cut it into a pleasing shape and PRESTO! I cut a few hearts (cut from felted sweaters) and sewed them over the rip and just a plain rectangle on the inside. Et voici le produit fin:

Cute, huh?

Pretty bag! I don’t have to be embarrassed to be seen with this little cutie! 🙂 I had another bag I needed to fix, so I made a few leaves out of green felt.
I made a few extra felt hearts! If you need some, go to my shop and grab them while they are there! Now that I am done sewing mine on, I am thinking I could have embroidered on them first. I think that would have been so cute! But as it is, I will leave them and use some embroidered ones some place else! There will be plenty of uses for these cute little guys!

The green ones.

The white ones.

The turquoise ones.

The blue one.


2 thoughts on “Cute and Quick fix

  1. Oh, so cute and tidy and you are right….Quick!!!!! Good job!!!!! These would work on broken screens with a little magnet glued on the back of each one (one on the inside and one on the outside) to patch a hole, or without the magnet just use a running stitch in a coordinating color thread. Sweet!!!!! Love your creativity…So many uses for these….

Happy to hear from you! :)

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