Gunnister Man Pouch Done :)

It’s done! Not “quite” like the original, but I like to think that the original Designer of the pouch would have used what he/she had to finish it, like I did.

I used the yak yarn for the top and when it ran out I went on with the camel. The green is a bit of superwash merino and the medium brown is plain wool. I know the fibres are not really traditional either, but it’s all hand spun and plied on a spindle. I rather think it turned out cute! 🙂
Hope Christiane likes it as well! Off to spin more yarn for one of these little pouches for me! I think it would be SUCH a cute project pouch for a sock project, no?

The designer of the pattern, Chris Laning,  (pattern chart for free here) is really, really sweet! I emailed her to find out how many yards this pouch needs, but she did not know, neither do I btw, because I forgot to measure! Sorry… I will measure the nest one! I promise! Go ahead and let her know if you are making one of those! Also: Make one of those! They are such fun to knit and so fast done and a great way to use up little bits of handspun yarn and make great little presents, or gift bags!


4 thoughts on “Gunnister Man Pouch Done :)

    • HAhahha.. yep, same here. I think if I made it the right colours and without the tassels I might have a shot of him actually using it… even outside the house! I just asked him and he said yes. In black and grey or just black he would use it, but DEFINITELY no tassels!

Happy to hear from you! :)

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