Oh! LOOK! This almost nearly WORKED!

I am super happy to announce: I sewed my very first shirt ever on a sewing machine last night!!!! WOOOT WOOOT!

And it totally almost worked out! It’s amazing! I used a Simplicity “New Look” pattern I got somewhere. Thinking a friend brought it to me from a free pile or a yard sale. It wasn’t totally complete, the instructions were gone, but the pattern bits were all still there and it proclaimed it would be EASY!  (the pattern is labelled: BIN 33 6569 just in case you wanted to know)

“Well”, I thought, “I can just wing the rest!” and I did. I looked at the picture and went for it. First time using bias tape around the edges, first time using knit jersey, first time using a paper pattern for something actually sewn (have used paper patterns for knitted stuff before). I knew how to cut the pieces out and how to use the cut arrows to match the pieces up, but the “gathering” in the front there was nowhere explained. I winged it… I am not sure if I am too crazy about the ruffled part at all… I might leave it off the next one and see how I like that.

My daughter made the pictures, hence the “diagonals” 🙂 This is again before the bias tape around the arms.

I have to admit: I was sweating it a bit. But I got this knit Jersey fabric for 50% off and another 10% off, because it had a flaw. So for a whopping $3.25 I got 1 1/3 yards of fabric on Sunday. I got it with the express thought of ruining it. I learned how  to spin the same way! I got a pound of the cheapest roving I could find and went for it. Fully intending to ruin every last ounce of it! It worked out in the end! I didn’t ruin the whole pound!

Same here with this shirt! It might not be perfect, but I learned a lot doing it and making these mistakes and I had fun along the way! My husband was super proud of me and said he would take me out in that shirt. Aawwww, he loves me!.. I wouldn’t go out in it though… since the shirt sort of still SUCKS a bit much. Like I said: it was a practice piece!

What I have learned:

  • Do not be scared! Just go for it! Remember: you can always start over, just like in knitting.
  • Do not start with the bias tape in the front centre of the decollete! Start some place less obvious!
  • Do not try to hurry knit jersey when sewing on the bias tape! It will “wave” and the jersey might not get caught in the tape and it will leave a hole.
  • Go slow! Trying stuff on along the way as I did today makes sense and helps to wrap my mind around all the seams.
  • I am not as hopeless a cause on the sewing machine as I thought!
  • I have THE most wonderful and supportive family ever! (I knew that, but they reinforced my knowledge again today)

This is before I put the bias tape around the arm holes.The pink shirt on top is the one I sewed.

I am so psyched by the obvious almost success, that I am planning on saving up some money and buying some more knit jersey. This time “the good stuff”. It’s still 50% off, but instead of $5 it’s $12 a yard and will make a nicer shirt and not quite so see-through either! Then I will try again!

With bias tape around the arms this time!

My family loves me lots. They are so super supportive, you would not believe it! My daughter saw it and said: Could you make me one like that? Only not in pink? What a compliment from a 16 year old!!!! My husband said: Oh now that you know how to sew shirts, could you make me this one? After you knit those “toe” socks though…” Yep! He wants me to make him a shirt. He has this underarmor shirt he loves to death, but it’s falling apart. I know how to make patterns from existing stuff, so I *think* I might be able to make him one. After I get a bit more practice in!
I am VERY proud of myself, for just jumping off the deep end finally! I have been dreading it and telling myself I can’t sew clothes for so many years! How silly of me! Now I will not only scour the thriftstores for yarn, but for more sheets to make clothes!



10 thoughts on “Oh! LOOK! This almost nearly WORKED!

  1. Oh, I knew you could, I knew you could!!!!! 🙂 So proud of you and with no directions, first time out of the gate!!!!!! Great job. It looks good, and although I understand you not wanting to wear it out, please, do wear it around the house and out in your yard. The next one will be even better.
    I have been sewing for over 35 years, now and I still avoid knit jersey like the plague…..There is a tip for using bias tape…maybe you know this and maybe you don’t so here it is in case. When you buy it in a store it is folded in ‘half’. Not really….if you hold it up you will see that one ‘half’ is a tad bit wider than the other. THAT wider side is the one that goes under and the narrower side is the side you sew on, this is to make sure that as you stitch close to the finished edge you will be SURE to pick up the back side of the tape as well. (Wink). With jersey knit, you almost have to pin it to death to avoid it slipping out and ending up with a hole. Also, the lessons you learned are priceless and those mistakes/lessons are the things you only get with experience when self-teaching and you will never forget again. I would suggest, a good starting point for your bias tape would be a shoulder seam or an underarm seam.
    I think you did a terrific job and honestly even if it was really, really bad–just jumping and DOING it, was phenomenal and took great courage…..:) Jersey knits require a ball point needle for best results but I have sewin on it without ball point and although I could feel the difference it was no different looking as far as I could tell…..
    Great job, wonderful courage and you are an inspiration!!!!!
    I have a huge smile of pride in you on my face.

    • YAYY! With you at an email away, I figured I could just go for it! And I did! I don’t have a ball point needle either… I read that you needed one, but hey. I like to live dangerously ahhahha….
      I will wear it to run in I thought, No pride when I run bwahahaha
      I had no idea about the bias tape being wider at one side. Will have to look at it closely! Thanks for that tip!
      SO glad you are proud of me! Even with it coming out just a tad wonky! 😀 I had such fun, I will definitely do it again! (but now you know why your surprise has not been sent, because I spent the money on fabric hahahaha…..)
      HUGS! and a SNOOPY DANCE!
      Knowing I could just “holler” for you in an email if I get stuck helped A WHOLE LOT! Although I didn’t need to in the end, it did give me a bit of a “comfort zone” hahahaha

  2. Gosh Bridgett, you are one brave girl. I HATE sewing on jersey knits. This sister is proud of you too!! Wear it in health and be proud.

  3. Hey you did GREAT! At least the arms and neck holes are in the right place and not in the middle of your back or stomach. 😉 And you didn’t sew the hems together so you can’t get into it. And you didn’t use a patterned material that you would have had to spend a month trying to get pieces cut that were all going the right way. In sewing those are the dealbreakers. lol.
    Seriously, you did awesome. The shirt is really cute and it fits so wtg, woman!

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