Review: The Queen’s Fool

The Queen's Fool
The Queen’s Fool by Philippa Gregory
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ok. I finally read this book! I have been waiting to read it for quite a while until I finally was able to get my little hands on it. Oh was I disappointed at first! BUT ONLY AT FIRST GLANCE!!!

I read then put it down and told myself how boring it was. Then picked it back up and told myself “only because I want to finish it!”

Well I finished it all right. I was ready to write a scathing review about it, but I said I should wait a while and let the book settle, before I pluck it apart…

It’s been a few days that I finished it. I find myself still thinking about the character. I find myself grinning about a few things in the book, when they come to mind. I find myself- NOW, AFTER BEING DONE -happy that the heroine escaped the inquisition…..(there were times while reading the book that I was hoping she would jump in the moat, or fall over board)

This book… Oh this book…. it was hard to get through. I was ready to give it only one star, bartering with myself why I can’t make it two…. Now? I am thinking of reading it again!

This book will get you. You just have to let it! After reading historical non fiction just before, I was on a war footing with the liberties taken in this book and I let it spoil it for me. I usually am not a stickler when it comes to fiction and I should just have read it for the story. Because the story was good! It was scary and heroic and funny and wonderful and lovely and warm.

And that is all I am going to tell you about the story! if you want a synopsis, read the book flap! 🙂

DO NOT TAKE THIS BOOK FOR HISTORICALLY ACCURATE! If you can’t let go and look at it as fiction and a good story to read, because of the famous characters, then this will annoy the snot out of you, as it did for me the first time round I read it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

If you like historical FICTION and don’t give a hoot about historical accuracy: GO READ IT! It’s really really a good story and I will definitely read it again (ok, ONLY because I have to let go of the dissecting that I did the first time round. I don’t really think it’s a multiple read)

My rating is three out of five stars.


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