News? NEWS!!!!!

Do I have news for you!!!! My FB peeps already know about this, so I apologise for the redundancy…

I am going to be teaching again! No.. I’m not talking about homeschooling my children. After I have done it for 9 years my husband took that over now.

I am talking knitting and crochet! YES! If you want to learn how to knit, or crochet and live anywhere around Bellingham WA, you can now take classes from me at Mrs. Hudson’s Yarn and Teas in Fairhaven! YAYYYYY! (the website i snot quite done yet, it’s a brand new shop, just opened this year in March!)

I just got the ok last Friday and Tomorrow I will go and talk details and maybe even set up the first few classes! I am really really excited! I have missed teaching knitting and crochet. It’s always such fun to show someone how wonderful a craft can be! To see them getting it and then the light in their eyes when the first stitch works out, or the first row, and then the first project is done!

I do hope to see lots and lots of you there!

You will also be able to get my patterns there from now on! 🙂 (New patterns will premier exclusively at Mrs’ Hudson’s for the first 6 Months and only then go in my online shop!)

Oh and the yarn in the shop? Only totally AMAZING!!! I was there last Friday and checked it out and talked to the owner (Who is super sweet btw and you HAVE to go meet her) I love every single skein in that shop! Yep.. I know… it was to be expected from an addict like me ahhahaha… but seriously! It’s an amazing selection of fair trade and locally spun yarns. And you can have tea!

I will post class schedules as soon as I have them!

Come by and say hello when you’re in the neighbourhood!


6 thoughts on “News? NEWS!!!!!

  1. Well friend you never amaze me, home school kids etc. So very happy to hear of your moving on to teaching. Hope to see this blog also ??? You have an amazing hubby it sounds like. I’ve been astrained lately so missed some things. Miss the chit chat food chasts & gardening. Love your spirit & taking on your love of Knitting/crochet. Love to join to far. LOL

    • Thanks sweety! Yes, the blog will stay. I would never give it up. I have to stay in contact with all of you! 🙂 True! I haven’t “seen you around” as much… here or on FB.. and I haven’t been on Pintrest in forever! Have to remedy that maybe this weekend!

  2. So happy for you. This is right up your alley. You are the perfect person to teach, because you are patient, understanding and make everything fun!!!! Wish I lived closer….Good for you. I am thrilled to hear the excitement in your words. Good luck, enjoy and can’t wait for updates on how it is going, what you are doing, etc. ♥

    • Louise! Thank you so much! It just doubles my joy to hear that you all are so happy for me! I AM thrilled and I have to say I am boring everybody here in my family with questions and “do you think it would be a good idea for the classes….” ahhaha.. these poor guys! 😀 Well, tomorrow I can talk about it as much as I like, since I have the meeting to … well TALK ABOUT IT 😀 I know.. I need to go to bed. I haven’t been sleeping well and I make no sense at all hahaha… love you lots! I really REALLY wish you could come by and visit one day! We would have SUCH fun together!!! ONE DAY! right? One day! We WILL visit!

Happy to hear from you! :)

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