Sunday Puzzle! :)

A symbol for Good Luck at home in Germany! 馃檪 May he bring it to you, my dear readers! (Pssttt this one’s hard!!!)

Click to Mix and Solve


7 thoughts on “Sunday Puzzle! :)

  1. wow tough one! I loved it. grins. 11:43. The trick to this one was taking it in pieces. First I did the caterpillar. Then I did the moss stains on the rock. Then I did the blurry part in the top right corner. then just put it together. hehe. did I mention i LOVE jigsaw puzzles? grins

      • Nope! It was really really hard!!!! I don’t usually make them this hard!
        You can always change the cut if it’s not working for you. It’s on the left side, under the picture of the puzzle 馃檪 WIth these weird shapes like tetris and birds etc it’s almost better to just find a shape that works, instead of trying to fit the picture together (unless the big pieces that you can see easily, like the ladybug etc….)

Happy to hear from you! :)

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