Some FO’s for a change! :)

I have finished something 🙂 Another owl set (I don’t think I need to show you that again.. let’s just say the yarn I used for it was divine!) It was Simply Sweet’s whipped cream in steel. 45% kid mohair, 45% wool and 10% silk! SO YUMMY!!!!

Ok, so, here’s a picture hahaha:


and I got the lavender shawl done too! (pattern soon to be available at Mrs. Hudson’s yarn and teas!)

A few pre-blocking pictures:

Here is a pre blocking shot

Yarn for this one:

Swans Island, Natural colors collection, 100% organic merino, hand dyed with all natural dyes! OMG! let me tell you! It’s divine!


2 thoughts on “Some FO’s for a change! :)

    • Thank you, louise!
      🙂 This isn’t even all I have been working on! O.O just a bit… The colour is soooooo pretty in real life! A very nice lilac….You’d love it! Sadly I won’t get to wear it, since it’s a shop sample!

Happy to hear from you! :)

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