lavender candied cashews

The pictures in this article are all taken by Karen and her Husband! Thanks, sweety! 🙂

Be careful here, these are truly addicting! Before you do anything you’ll need to make some Lavender Sugar – 1 tsp of food grade lavender to 2 C of sugar, place in a spice grinder and powder it. Let sit in a covered container for 2 weeks. Give it an occasional shake!

Recipe –

2  1/2 C  roasted, but not salted cashews

1 C of  lavender sugar

Use a medium size saucepan and pour in the Lavender Sugar over a medium heat. Let the sugar melt over the heat. If you’ve never melted sugar, here are a series of photographs on how it will look as you go along –

At this point, pour in the cashews and stir to coat them evenly. Place on a lined baking sheet and spread into a single layer to cool. Done!

You can also substitute vanilla or cinnamon sugar or just regular sugar. You can also use any kind of nut you happen to have on hand. Our Thanksgiving dessert was a dish of Vanilla ice cream, topped with the candied cashews, home made whipped topping and fruit salad!



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